Top Rated Hatchbacks You Can Buy

Hatchback is one kind of car in the car segment in which it comes as compact, slimmer, and smaller than usual car. The advantage of hatchback is that it is easier to park it and the compact size makes it agile on the road. If you intend to buy hatchback, here is some top rated hatchbacks you can choose.

Top Rated Hatchbacks 2016

  1. 2016 Honda Fit

Honda has always been known for its stylish and compact car. Honda Fit is one of them. In this 2016 version, is small and can even reach very narrow path of road. Though small, the car is built and can carry many weights and has roomier space than predicted. Honda Fit 2016 model is powered with 1.5 liter four cylinder engine with horsepower up to 130. This is a decent number for its class. The fuel economy is also impressive, which is up to 41 in the highway. Overall, this is one of the top rated hatchbacks ever and it cost o ly about $15,100.

  1. 2016 Mazda 3

Mazda is one of many auto maker that always successful in making a compact yet roomy car. In this 2016 Mazda 3 version, it has the speed and agility of sport car while remaining humble with its design. It can reach up to 39 in the highway. The standard version can reach up to 155 horsepower while the more expensive one can reach up to 185 horsepower. It has sleek, and simple dashboard and it also has roomier leg room compared to any other cars in the hatchback segment. The price of this car starts from $17,000. Overall, this is one of the top rated hatchbacks.

  1. 2016 Kia Soul

Kia is back with one if its famous hatchback, Kia Soul 2016 version. In this version, we can find the kind of hatchback, which is as usual, comes in small and compact size. Kia Soul comes in dashing and stylish design while remaining humble in the inside. The three wheels drive is enough for an individual to get high around the road with this compact car. The interior is designed uniquely with dashing look and surprisingly roomy room for leg. Kia Soul 2016 version comes a little bit boxier but still it is one of the top rated hatchbacks due to its combination of speed and style. The price of this Kia Soul starts from $15,700.

  1. 2016 Ford Focus

It may sounds a bit surprising for Ford to produce a hatchback with its usual bulky and bigger models. This Ford Focus, as its name suggest, is a rather s size focused car that focus on how to make a compact and functional car. The car is built in modern look with its high tech interior as well as horsepower that can equal its bigger brother. It is three-four cylinder build and is speedy and agile enough, with price around $17,000 making it one of the top rated hatchbacks on the market. That’s some of the hatchbacks that have been very popular in this year.

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