Top 5 Cheap Hatchback Cars 2015 Review

Top 5 Cheap Hatchback Cars 2015 Review

Cheap hatchback cars available on the market for those of you who have tight budget to buy new cars. Some of the automotive enthusiasts want to buy the new cheap cars that will not empty their pocket but they do not know about which vehicles that are suitable for them. Even some people underestimate the performance and ability of the cheap cars because they think the cheap hatchbacks can not provide the best performance for the owner. But you should not underestimate the performance for these cars because even though they are classified by cheap hatchbacks but it will give you the best performance.

Here, I will show you the list of the affordable hatchback cars available on market so you know which one you should buy. Take a look at the budget you have and select the variant that fit your budget. Let’s see the cheap hatchback car below.

Chevrolet Spark

This is a model of 5-doors hatchback that will give you extra spaces on the rear end. You will be comfortable to drive with this hatchback because Chevrolet equip this hatchback with good engine system. Thanks to the small 1.2-liter engine that only produce up to 85 horsepower but apparently it gives you good gas mileage rating. Chevrolet offers this hatchback for just $ 12,000 for those of you who want to bring this cheap hatchback on their garage.

Smart ForTwo

This is a limited hatchback that only produced in USA. This is a compact hatchback that is only contained 2 persons. But this small hatchback can give huge benefits because it is also classified as one of the most fuel efficient hatchbacks in USA. With 1.4-liter engine you can reach for about 36 mpg with this cheap hatchback cars.

Kia Rio

Kia offers several model of new hatchback in 2015. But if you are looking for the new yet affordable hatchback you can choose the new Kia Rio that is only worth for $ 13,000 MSRP. The price is worth with the performance of the hatchback because it can deliver power up to 135 horsepower with 128 lb –ft of torque. Thanks to the 1.6-liter engine with Direct Drive model that can give better gas mileage for this hatchback. It is definitely a must-buy hatchback for those of you who want to get cheap hatchback vehicle.

Ford Fiesta

With just $ 14,000 MSRP you will bring back one of the best series in USA. The new Ford Fiesta offer so many benefits for those of you who are looking for cheap hatchback cars. This hatchback has stylish design with good looking interior style. And also, the EcoBoost engine can produce better performance with low fuel consumption.

Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa is worth for $ 14,300 MSRP and it is also classified as new car under 15000 that worth to buy. This is a smart city car that will make your daily drive easier than before. It is cheaper than Mazda3 and it has better specifications with the other cheap hatchback cars.


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