The Next Generation of Honda Fit Sport 2016

The Next Generation of Honda Fit Sport 2016

2016 Honda Fit sport will start to be introduced at the end of the year. Even though the new Honda Fit that released in 2015 still to be marketed, but it seems that Honda will give different pleasure for the automotive enthusiast that want to get sporty touch on their car. As we know, that Honda Fit is released with several types. Honda launched Honda Fit type LX, EX, EX-L on the early year and all of those types have different specifications that will also result in the price of the car. This is a kind of hatchback that will make you go fast easier in dense city street.

But Honda will bring another variant to the US marketplace since they plan to release new Honda Fit hatchback next year. The new 2016 Honda Fit sport will be the next generation of this type and it will be pampered the automotive enthusiast with responsive touch. It is satisfying to drive with hatchback that can accommodate what we need.

Honda Fit Sport Design

Based on the some reports that released after the auto show end, Honda Fit sport is similar with the other types of Honda Fit LX, EX, and EX-L. It is just on some parts, you will see different grooves and lamp style that will distinguish this variant with the previous one.

The new Honda Fit will come as 5-doors hatchback. It means that you will get your own storage on the rear end that can be used to put more stuff inside there. The Cargo Space is about 52.7 cup. ft. that is enough to put more stuff, plus you can bring up to 5 passengers at the same time. Thanks to the spacious interior design on the new Honda Fit.

The best part about 2016 Honda Fit is the several choices of color options. There will be 8 color options which are also covered with Metallic Paint.

Honda Fit Engine

Our prediction is, the new Honda Fit is a redesigned model. That means that the engine used on the next generation is the same engine that used now.

But I think it is not a big deal since Honda give economical engine that has good rating of gas mileage. You can reach 41 mpg on highway and 33 mpg on city with 1.5L 4-cyl engine that can produce power up to 160 horsepower. You can drive comfortably with this hatchback due to its dimension will support your accelerations.

Honda Fit Features

It can be said that the safety features of this car is increasing. From the chassis, which is developed with ACE Body Structure that will reduce crash that can harm the driver and passengers.

The new feature in this hatchback is the presence of Vehicle Visibility Assist that will ensure you get better vision during the journey. It is paired with Traction Control that will help you to adjust the brake so you will not understeer or oversteer. Everything is built in well-conceived so you will get different experience when you drive with Honda Fit sport.


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