The Luxurious Hyundai 2017 Genesis G80

The Luxurious Hyundai 2017 Genesis G80

The Korean automakers, Hyundai has been launched a rebadged Hyundai Genesis sedan called the 2017 Genesis G80. Actually, there is no too much difference from the previous Genesis sedan. What makes it different is the new Genesis wing emblem and G80 badges which are on its rump tell them apart. However, Genesis G80 becomes a gun for other S-Class competitors. For the exterior, it slightly changes like redesign of the bumpers and a flashy. Moreover, it becomes more stylish and imposing grille on the front of fascia. New air intakes also including as the exterior for helping cool its turbocharged engine. In general, its exterior has the body retaining the long and stylish body lines showing off its quality and refinement which has some similarity to Toyota Avalon or Audi A7. Then, the Genesis G80 also has 18-inch alloy wheels that make it looks wonderful.

2017 Genesis G80 Interior

The 2017 Genesis G80 sedan has the larger new cabin than the previous series as the interior. With the more stylish matte gloss and wooden trim finishes dashboard cabin, this sedan will accommodate five passengers. The materials of cabin are made from a soft-touch crafted with excellent attention to detail. It is also intuitive and centrally located scroll wheel and push buttons mimic on system. With those buttons, it helps the driver toggle like to the navigation system, phone, and even other functions. It also completed with the futuristic features such as heated front seat with 12-way power adjustable driver’s seat, dual-zone climate control, rain sensing wipers, leather upholstery, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, hands-free trunk opener, paddle shifters, and Blue Link infotainment system. What makes it more attractive is it comes with an array of safety equipment. It completes of bolstered airbags and a package of driving aids.

This is a look at the 2017 Genesis G80 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Review by Fuel Economy

2017 Genesis G80 Engine Specs and Price

For the engine, Genesis G80 has the ‘3.8” badge on the G80;s trunk lid which means it has 3.8 L, V-6 engine that is capable of producing 333 hp. This sedan also will be replaced by a twin turbocharged 3.3 L unit from the normally aspirated of 5.0 L, V-8 engine. In that condition, the new drivetrain is expected to produce around 480 hp so that this engine will be mated on an 8-speed automatic transmission system. As the hit expected summer in showrooms, Hyundai promised to shed the more light on G80 sedan engine. For the price of 2017 Genesis G80, Hyundai offered a starting price of around $ 38,000 MSRP. With the experience of sold over 100,000 units of the outgoing Genesis sedan in 18 months after the launch, 2017 Genesis G80 has been expected become the better sedan ever. However, it still has some contra even it comes with the roomy, high-quality interior, and the better warranty. Its tight rear seat headroom does not offer the sporty feel and even it cannot get all-wheel drive with the V8. Moreover, Genesis G80 sedan extremely only replaces what was the 2016 Hyundai Genesis in the late previous model year.

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