Some Enhancements of 2016 Toyota Supra Leading to New Price

Some Enhancements of 2016 Toyota Supra Leading to New Price

Coming as the new generation of MK5 Supra, the 2016 Toyota Supra is prepared with some changes to be ready for the upcoming automobile market. In general, the car appears to its stylish design and impressive power. High technology is added to support the performance. Indeed, high tech and high style, when combined, always presents something fresh and captivating. Faster run, more efficient fuel consumption and well turned out design complete this new car.

2016 Toyota Supra Changes

Compared to its predecessor, there are some new touches and additions applied to 2016 Toyota Supra. Moreover, the new supra is developed in collaboration with the BMW, German based automobile manufacturer. Still remember what did the previous generation look like, the new generation will be better. Supported with some parts from the BMW, this car is likely to be one of the most recommended sport cars in the world. New engine and platform will support the performance and look. Moreover, it is advocated by the BMW as one of the most impressive manufacturer producing high-quality drive models.

Some of the changes are applied to the 2016 Toyota Supra exterior. The lines are designed based on the Formula One car inspiration. The design applies two big air intakes that are aimed at cooling down the intercoolers. They also make the car perform better. Modern headlights with slim design and LED lighting fixtures complete the 2016 Toyota Supra presentation. The exterior is completed with the imposing 19 inch light alloy wheels for the front and 20 inch rims for the rear.

The 2016 Toyota Supra interior also has some modifications. In order to advocate the driving experience, the interior is designed as comfortable as possible with the bare interior. Some physical buttons are added to make the functions easily operated. A 10 inch touchscreen complete the interior of 2016 Toyota Supra that enables the driver operates the car functions. It is designed in driver-oriented concept. Leather material is used to wrap most all of the entire parts of the interior. Black color tone domination is balanced with the decorative red trim to meet the exterior red color.

2016 Toyota Supra Drivetrain

To support the performance, the new 2016 Toyota Supra is boosted with V6 engine. It is the powerplant for the next generation of Toyota Supra. Mostly, this engine is estimated to produce 400 horsepower. It is a great deal to compete with its rivals, such as Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with V6 engine 460 ponies and Nissan 350Z Roadster with 332 horsepower engine. Be ready for this V6 engine. In addition, the fact that this car is designed with hybrid powertrain is also undeniable. It is also predicted that this new generation of Toyota Supra will have a good acceleration with 3.6 seconds to reach 60 mph from zero and the top speed of 190 mph.

2016 Toyota Supra in the Market

Everyone must be waiting for this new 2016 Toyota Supra. The releases date has been set for completion of 2015. There is no clear information about the 2016 Toyota Supra price. However, based on the rivals with the similar power, the price will be likely between $40,000 and $50,000. Be ready with your budget!

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