The Reborn of 2017 Honda Element in the Future

2017 honda element

Honda Element – Dog car might be the best title for 2017 Honda Element. If you ever know, Honda ever decided to stop production of one of its most controversial car. Then, for the replacement Honda will launch Honda Element in the new version without many redesigned experiment. The so-called dog car is it has features that might be the best for travelling with your dog inside. However, many reviews report there are not many differences of Honda Element. Moreover, it does not start yet to make it more attractive than the previous version. So, to know deeper about the new version car from Honda you may read some specification below.

2017 Honda Element Exterior and Interior

Like we know before, there are not too many differences looks from the others car, it might look boring but still has its style. 2017 Honda Element is 4325 mm as length, 1816 mm as width, and 1788 mm as height. In contrast, we can find some new features in the exterior of Honda Element there will be the latest LED technology for the curvier edges and revised head and taillights. For the bumper, it has hood and wheels. Move to inside to 2017 Honda Element, there will be the features that make either driver or passengers feel comfortable. You have to do not worry about what happened inside of this car because there will be some futuristic features such as infotainment system, Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity, satellite navigation, and many more technological advancement. With those features, it must be the one difference besides the no-redesigned features on 2017 Honda Element.

2017 honda element

Engine and Performance

There are some rumors said that 2017 Honda Element will be completed by four-cylinder 2.4 liter V-TEC engine which is the same one used by its progenitor. With this engine specification, you can get the maximum power of 170 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque. Moreover, the top speed of dog car is estimated at 120 miles per hour while the gas mileage is expected to be 20mpg in the city and 25 mpg for on the highway. However, these engine specifications are the only speculation that has not been proved by Honda itself. What makes it the bigger line of Honda Element is there will be not too many differences features. We can just prove it until it released.

Date Release and Price

2017 Honda Element that would be anticipated by dog lovers is expected to be launched in the year 2106. What the exact time of launching time is not proven yet. Some expect it will be launched in the late of 2016. For the exact releasing date, there is no confirmation yet so that we have to wait patiently to convince the previous version and this newest version of Honda Element. Then, for the price of 2017 Honda Element, it will be some difficulty because the real specification of 2017 Honda Element has not been confirmed yet. For approximate range price, it will be sold at the price around $29.000-$34.000. The price might be higher or lower than this prediction while there is an official specification.

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