Preview of the Fastest Hatchback in 2016

Fastest Hatchback

Fastest Hatchback – In this recent day, there are many kinds of cars that you can choose. It is starting from sedan up to hatchback car. Then, have you heard about hatchback cars? As it is known that this hatchback car is designed in a different style. If we usually see that the doors of the cars are only on the left and right sides, in hatchback you will find the additional door in the back side. With this design, you have been easier in putting the stuff in the cargo. Moreover, do you want to buy a vehicle which includes in the fastest hatchback? If you do, several hatchback cars which will be explained in the paragraphs below.

Ford Focus RS

This Ford Focus RS becomes the first hatchback that you can choose. In this car, you will get not only such a great model of hatchback, but also you will get the best features from this vehicle. The engine itself is 2.3 L turbocharged in which it can produce 345 hp. With this power, you have a chance to drive your hatchback at a high speed. The best performance which is offered by manufacturer will be a good thing here. Besides, about the exterior and interior of this vehicle is nice too.

Honda Civic Type R

After that, another the fastest hatchback that is great for you is Honda Civic Type R. In this car, you do not need to worry about the performance on the road. Why? It is caused by the support of the engine of the car. As a fast hatchback, of course, the engine will not be the same with the common hatchback out there. In this case, you can find that the engine used is 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cyl engine with petrol as the fuel. This engine can produce the power up to 306 hp. As hatchback car, it is such a high power and can support the car to be driven at a high speed on the road.

Renault sport 275 Cup-S

Then, Renault Megane also has the fastest car designed in hatchback model. Here, the thing which is the important thing is about the powertrain. It means that it will relate to the engine of this hatchback. The use of 2.0 L engine is a good news since the power that can be produced reaches 275 hp. With this high power, it will be good for your hatchback car to get a high speed.

Volkswagen Golf R

The next the fastest hatchback comes from a well-known car manufacturer from Germany, Volkswagen. It is Volkswagen Golf R that becomes the most popular hatchbacks. It occurs since its all parts of the car. Thus, not only about the interior and exterior of the car, the engine also will be the important thing here. The engine used in this car is 2.0 L turbo engine in which it can help the car to have 296 hp. For a hatchback car, it is very nice actually. Hence, which hatchback you choose?

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