Nissan EVs and Vehicle-to-Grid Project in UK Trial

Nissan Enel V2G

Nissan, this great car company actually has been very famous around the world through its fantastic car. One of the cars that have been produced by Nissan is an electric car and the car has planned to join a Vehicle-to-Grid Project in UK Trial to know how the electric car of Nissan can be more effective. As it is known that Nissan has Enel as the partner to develop the electric power for the Nissan car and in this year, both Nissan and Enel is planned will conduct what we call as a UK trial to see the effectiveness of the technology of vehicle-to-grid.

Here, Nissan as the car company and Enel as the power company will launch the pilot program in the UK. In this program, it is announced that there is an allowance for the Nissan car to sell the energy from the car batteries to be back into the grid. In this case, the program also the part of the Nissan plan so that it can be the first step for the company to develop the power of the car so that it will use mobile energy hubs. This announcement announced when the launching of xStorage home battery in which it uses a recycled Leaf batteries.

Then, V2G or vehicle-to-grid has 100 V2G has been installed, and the amount is about 100 V2G. It can be done when the owner of the Nissa  e-NV200 and Nissan Leaf. Yeah, as having been known that electric car is actually have not given such a great maximum service. It can happen since the car only can be driven when there is still electricity inside. When the battery is low, so the car will face a problem, indeed. That is why with this event done by Nissan and Enel can innovate a new design for the electric car in Nissan.

The trial itself will be the first event of the vehicle-to-grid project in the UK and the it is followed by Denmark that does the same thing which involves 40 V2G in January. Nissan also states that today, it is about 18,000 Nissan EVs is on the British roads and those are plugged into an energy in which it can provide 180 MW power plant.

Nissan Enel V2G

In this case, Nissan also tells that it can be possible in the future to get a smarter energy grid when there is storing energy and there is the power plant which can charge the car so the electric car can be charged easily.

Then, in this event, besides launching the Vehicle-to-Grid pilot, this company also has paired up with Eaton management in releasing xStorage. xStorage itself is actually the technology that will be in electric car and it can be the other alternative power to Tesla Powerwall which is usually used.

In this UK trial, Nissan tells that the car will have a second life since there is xStorage system in the car in which it will help the car to be driven longer. Indeed, with this trial, Nissan can give such a good news for the people that is interested in buying electric car.

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