The New 2018 Honda s2000 Roadster Is Coming Soon!

2018 Honda s2000 – The rumor about 2018 Honda s2000 spreads around the nation since the concept of this convertible unveiled secretly. Honda is one of the best auto manufacturers in the world since all of its product accepted in almost all nations around the world. But if you pay attention closely, you will realize that Honda only provides a vehicle that people needs. You can say that Honda is like that Burger King that only serves Burger.

But this time, Honda will try something new by producing new roadsters. This car will be different with other vehicles they have ever produced because it looks bolder and there will be a lot of changes here. The experts predict that the 2018 Honda s2000 will be released in 2018. But is it true? Let’s just take a small glimpse of the first roadster Honda ever made.

2018 Honda s2000 Design

Honda acknowledges that the design of 2018 Honda s2000 is adapted from their branch company, Acura. It is not surprising that the appearance of Honda s2000 is similar with the Acura NSX that also released this year. You can compare the exterior shape of the 2016 Acura NSX and the picture of the s2000 you got on the internet.

But don’t be fooled because it is still under development so it is not a final style. Honda will just borrow the front hood style with V-shaped grille and slented-eyes LED Lights. But the rear looks like Mazda Miata with low profile rear end and stylish rear bumper. But there’s a huge difference among of all, the s2000 will put the exhaust on the center instead of on the flank.

2018 Honda s2000

And when you jump on the inside you will find out that the interior is not as big as you think. This two-seater car provides tight interior with small legroom because Honda cut the interior in order to make the hood longer. Other reasons, Honda puts the engine at the center of the car to support the all-wheel drive system.

Engine and Performance

The automotive enthusiasts will always expect that they can drive a powerful roadster on the street. But it seems that the fans will be a little bit disappointed with the performance of the 2018 Honda s2000 since this roadster equipped with 2.0-litre 4-cyl engine which is the same motor used in Honda Civic Type-R.

Honda keeps silent regarding about the engine that used in Honda s2000 2018. We don’t know whether they still keep the secret about the identity of the engine or they just have no idea about what displacement that will be used for this roadster. If the engine is true, then you can taste the peak performance like what you just imagined.

Other rumors said that the 2018 Honda s2000 will get plug-in hybrid engine to support the 2.0-litre Turbocharged and reduce the fuel consumption. We don’t know which one is true, but one thing for sure that the Honda s2000 will arrive on the market at the beginning of 2018.

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