The New 2017 Ford Raptor is Ready to Rock the Roads

2017 Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor – A combination of stylish and solid built truck is coming to the way. Since its first release in 2010, Ford Raptor has peaked enthusiasts interest with its unique and fresh concept of track car. Now 2016 is ongoing and 2017 approaching and Ford Raptor is reported to get a new face for debut in 2017 by the new redesigned 2017 Ford Raptor. Ford Raptor is a truck car known as a raging truck that matches well with extreme road. Ford decision to redesign this model car certainly has made auto fans quite happy about it. Will the new Ford Raptor satisfy the thirst of non-mainstream truck? Check this review out.

2017 Ford Raptor Engine Upgrade

The new 2017 Ford Raptor has the upgrade in its power engine, both a pleasant and somehow doubting change. Ford Raptor comes slimmer with smaller but powerful engine of second generation 3.5 liter V6 with dual turbochargers and direct fuel injection with 10-speed transmission. The V6 replaced the much bulkier V8 engine. Ford Raptor comes in Eco-Boost system. V6 is often used for performance car instead of truck so Ford has made some adjustment like improvement in the fuel system, the overall internals, and cylinder heads. What the output exhales of the engine is processed through the dual-exhaust system and 450 horsepower. With the removal of the V8, the bulky roaring machine is no longer the character of Ford Raptor. Ford guaranteed that this change of machine will bring a much more efficient yet still powerful engine.

2017 Ford Raptor Exterior and Interior

2017 Ford Raptor

The change of engine influences the design of the truck. It is bow slimmer but still build in solid design. Furthermore, there are twin outlets notched in the bumper as the result of the engine upgrade. The new Ford Raptor will have two different options of size, 133-inch wheelbase SuperCab and the other is the much spacious 145 inch SuperCrew. The latter is suitable for those who want a more agile better traction Ford Raptor. The new Ford Raptor weight successfully has been cut 500 pounds lighter than its predecessor. It is also equipped with race-optimized three-inch external bypass, and rear Fox Racing Shox. It has custom fabricated roll cage, and race-optimized front and rear springs. The Ford Raptor will also catch up to the technology with Lowrance GPS, RacePack digital and data logger. With all these equipment, Ford Raptor really is designed for off-road racing and tough driving in difficult road.

2017 Ford Raptor Release Date and Price

Ford decided to take early release for the named 2017 Ford Raptor. Auto fans can satisfy their curiosity on this new truck only by a few months wait. This new redesigned Ford Raptor will be released in the fall of 2016. An early time for a 2017 car, Ford has not yet announced the pricing of the car. However, the prediction for the price of the car goes around $46,000. Ford Raptor will continue the success of its predecessor after being in hiatus for a long time since its latest release in 2014. For truck fans, this should be anticipated.

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