What Is New In The 2017 BMW X3

2017 bmw x3 suv

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or better known with its abbreviated name BMW is German vehicles and engine manufacturer company that started its business long ago in 1916. BMW products have always been very popular among car enthusiasts. It is well known for producing luxurious yet all-rounder cars that are perfectly suitable for everyday life. Their products are built with 2 concepts in mind, efficiency, and luxury, and this is the concept that BMW applies in their X3 model which has received critical acclaim in the automotive world. However, a complete redesign of the X3 is planned to reach the market next year. BMW has announced the successor in the X3 line, which is the 2017 BMW X3. So what is new in this new model of the X3, let’s find out.

Is it going to look similar to the 16 model ?

Based on what we know so far, the 2017 BMW X3 is going to have a new design. Not a complete rehaul of the previous version, but it is still a significant change nonetheless. The general idea of this new model is a sharper image, which is why this new model uses a sleeker headlamp. But of course, the kidney grille will still be used however it will be complemented with a bigger fascia with more prominent looks. As for the body, this new model is going to go for a leaner look while the side part of the car gets some changes with the lines. Now, the upper line that originally curved toward the wheel will be changed so it runs to the back side area. The wheels also seem to get a new design as well, it is going to use alloy and it will most likely come with the same wheel pattern, 18, 19, and 20 inches.

What New Features Does It Offer ?

The new model will not only use more improved features from the older model but it is also going to introduce some new technology. The most obvious changes come in term of the autonomous driving system and a more improved connectivity system. This means that that it’s most likely that the new model will use and advanced automatic driving system that includes automatic steering, braking, and throttle. In the connectivity department, this new model seems to focus on making a better internet system so that it will have a better wifi support.

2017 bmw x3 suv

Is It Going To Be Expensive ?

I think when it comes to prices, it is going to be the same everywhere. A new model will always be more expensive, so yeah the 2017 BMW X3 is going to be more expensive than the older model. And just like usual, there are going to be the various model. The base model that comes with four cylinders engine will cost around $40,000. The six-cylinder will be slightly more expensive with a price starting from $44,000, and $56,000 for you who want the plug-in-hybrid version. There is no definite release date yet, but expect the new model to hit the market in early 2017.

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