The List of 2013 Best Hatchback

As it is known that in this recent day, there are various model of the cars which you can own. One of those model is called as hatchback. In a hatchback car, you will find that there 3 or 5 doors in which one door is put in the backside of the vehicle. There are some manufacturers which release this model. Moreover, if you want to have this kind of the vehicle as well, the list of 2013 best hatchback below will help you much in deciding which car you are interested in.

In this case, there will be several hatchback cars from some manufacturers that are in the the list of 2013 best hatchback. Therefore, what are those vehicles? For those who are so curious and then want to know more information about it, they can directly read the explanation as in the following paragraphs.

2013 Best Hatchback Report

For the first car, there is Subaru Impreza. Subaru is known as a car manufacturer which has released various model of cars and hatchback becomes one of them. Here, this vehicle comes to be the best hatchback in all of the seasons. There will be several reason of it actually. For instance is its Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT that help to give a good acceleration. Besides, this vehicle can pass the dirt area too caused by the existence of Symmetrical All Wheel Drive.

For the next 2013 best hatchback is Mazda Speed3. This vehicle is known as a hatchback having speed freak since the engine can produce the power up to 263 hp and also 280 lb-ft of the torque. With the front wheel as the powertrain makes the this hatchback from Mazda is allowed to run in a high speed on the road. For you who like to race, this car can be one of good choices.

Hyundai Elantra GT will be the next car which is designed in a hatchback model. It is actually a miniaturized of the last Elantra wagon gen. The latest model of this vehicle actually so attractive since it is sporty enough as a small hatchback car. For the features, this car will not fail to attract many buyers with its entertainment, safety, and the other interesting features.

After that, if you want to get the next 2013 best hatchback, you just choose Kia Forte 5. In this vehicle, you will find a hatchback car with an attractive interior. The excellent style of its interior makes all passengers get their best experience when they do the trip with the car. Besides, the features in this car will be the next reason why Kia Forte 5 is good choice.

Furthermore, do you want to get another 2013 best hatchback? Here, Ford Focus ST comes to you. A hatchback which is under $30.000 is nice for many people who want to own a inexpensive car with some best features. For example is that the interior which has enough leg room so that you can feel relax when you are drive the car.

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