Hunting for the Best Cars 2014 in USA

Car is one of the transportation that will never end. In every years, there are so many new designs or series of car that offered. However, there might be some special recommended car in every year. If we throw back again, there must be some car that still be your favorite. One of the best year for new auto is 2014. In this year, there are so many favorite car that might be still wonderful even in the next year. So, what are the best cars 2014? Just check this out!

Top 3 the Best Cars 2014

First, one of the best cars 2014 must be Tesla Model S. You might know about the car which released in 2014. With the best luxurious looks, Tesla Model S has the best acceleration, versatile cabin and the best razor-sharp handling. With the small third-row sear concept, it still can be the futuristic car which completed with the technological tour de force. For the interior of Tesla, it cannot be questioning again because it has been completed with the innovative tools such as the internet access, key-less operation and also the zero-emission driving experience. For the price that was offered as the most favorite car in 2014, Tesla Model S has price started on $89,650.

The second best cars 2014 after Tesla Model S is Subaru Forester. Before releasing this new design of Forester, it released its predecessor so that this new design must be better than before which has category on the best small SUV. Same like Tesla Model S, Subaru Forester has also been completed with some innovative and futuristic interior. You can find this small SUV has the simple controls and best excellent driving position. For the price, Subaru Forester has the long gap with Tesla Model S. It was only offered in price of $26,814. However, by offering the low budget price it must be the favorite one in 2014.

After going to the small, there is also a midsize SUV which became an idol in 2014. By offering the generous cargo and the best comfortable ride, Hyundai Santa Fe became one of the favorite best cars 2014 for the mid-sized SUV. It completed with the best engine power which has, it completed with the 290-hp V6 engine. With the worth interior, mid-sized SUV of Hyundai Santa Fe had been offered started on $36,290 in 2014. It might be different price in this year, it can be decreasing or increasing. However, this car still be the favorite one for the mid-sized SUV.

So, those are some recommended favorite car which still be the favorite one in this year. Although those had been launched in 2014, Tesla Model S, Subaru Forester and Hyundai Santa Fe still can be the trendy one nowadays. With the futuristic interior and super power engine, those can be the choice. With the different price from it launched, you can get the advantage if you can get the lower price which usually happened for some products especially for the best cars 2014.

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