2016 Renault Laguna

2017 Renault Laguna

In the exterior, 2017 Renault Laguna looks both sturdy and sporty. The front end looks slimmer with longer length. The front glass is facelifted and the rear bumper has been patched with a sporty looking part to enhance the dynamic looks of the car. There is a hollow line in the sides of the car to create an illusion of slim car similar to performance car. Renault Laguna maintains the functionality of big family car equipped with seven passenger seats, warmed seats and enough leg space in it. There has been no leak in the interior of the car. Nonetheless, Renault Laguna will likely follow the current trend of combining technology for navigation and for entertainment with large screen embedded inside of the car. It seems the Laguna extended the space more for seats that the cargo space is somehow limited thanks to it.

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