The Future 2017 Renault Laguna, Entwined Family and Performance Car

2017 Renault Laguna

2017 Renault Laguna – The 2017 Renault Laguna has not been released yet. In fact, the French automakers Renault still keep the future Laguna in store. The latest Renault Laguna was the Laguna III for period 2007-2015. Renault has ever considered to change Laguna into Renault Italians so the newest version of Laguna is quite a comeback. What would be this formerly abandoned model turns into? Renault is a very consistent automaker and they will not be easily thrown off the large family car concept. Chance is the latest Laguna will use the same concept of family car, but Renault Laguna will not be at lost with the latest car trend and will make some makeover to the whole car.

Renault is considering to build a combo of both family car and performance car in its new 2017 Renault Laguna car concept. It is predicted that Renault can do so much with adjusting the engine to the mid-level speed if not going to lose the large family car. Otherwise, Renault will apply the concept of the engine only in the sedan and coupé model. The engine of the newest generation of Renault has not been introduced yet. However, considering Renault intention to combine family and performance car, the engine will be similar to the 2015 version, 3.2 liter V6 engine. To gain enough rate of speed, chance is the engine will be coupled with turbocharged engine. The four-cylinder valves can work as complement as well. Laguna may also use electronic navigation system with reliable handling.

In the exterior, 2017 Renault Laguna looks both sturdy and sporty. The front end looks slimmer with longer length. The front glass is facelifted and the rear bumper has been patched with a sporty looking part to enhance the dynamic looks of the car. There is a hollow line in the sides of the car to create an illusion of slim car similar to performance car. Renault Laguna maintains the functionality of big family car equipped with seven passenger seats, warmed seats and enough leg space in it. There has been no leak in the interior of the car. Nonetheless, Renault Laguna will likely follow the current trend of combining technology for navigation and for entertainment with large screen embedded inside of the car. It seems the Laguna extended the space more for seats that the cargo space is somehow limited thanks to it.

Renault has not announced where the 2017 Renault Laguna will be first released, other models, as well as the pricing of it. Seeing the predicted specifications, the price will be higher than its predecessor with pricing around $25,000 to $60,000. For the market target, it is likely Renault Laguna will be marketed internationally since the Laguna offers both good looks and good functionality. Another prediction in where the Laguna will be first released is in the United States. The United States is more fan of family car than Europe who seems to favor performance car. Regardless of the obscurity, the new 2017 Renault Laguna is a car worth waiting.

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