The 2018 Jaguar XJ Looks Futuristic and Exclusive

2018 Jaguar XJ

2018 Jaguar XJ – 2018 Jaguar XJ is not the only flagship product that will show up. Jaguar still keeps a secret regarding hybrid powered car that will out in the summer. But that’s not what we would like to talk to this time. The appearance of the next generation of Jaguar XJ itself has blown up the auto market because this car will come with more improvements especially on the bodywork that has revised in order to make it more luxurious and futuristic. It is like a car that you saw on Tv, it is as sporty as Batmobile yet more powerful than that because it is real.

We know that it is still far away from 2018. But hearing the news that 2018 Jaguar XJ will start to enter the pre-production stage in late 2016 is quite pleasing. We won’t speculate about its performance, but one thing for sure, the new XJ 2018 will get new machinery; either gasoline or hybrid engine under the hood.

Engine and Specs

The first thing to discuss is the engine under the hood. It could be one of the newest Jaguar’s motors implanted on this sedan. We predict that at least, the new Jaguar XJ will get 3.0-litre Supercharged that mated with 8-speed automated transmission that will produce enough amount of power. It is approximately between 340 and 400 horsepower with at least 330 lb –ft of torque.

This car will show up in several types of trim levels that use different engines. The top notch model will earn 5.0-litre Turbocharged engine that will boost more power than the base model. It is approximately producing 510 horsepower with 150 as the top speed of the car. Both of them will get V6-type of engine which is the same system that used in race or drags car.

2018 Jaguar XJ

Some of the new specification on board is the In Control Touch multimedia features that will enhance the easiness of driving experience. Now you can keep focus on the steering wheel while changing the infotainment you need. The new parking camera view also will help you to check out the surroundings better.

Of course, there will be a lot of features will come out more and more after Jaguar XJ has entered the final stage of production. We will update the information as soon as we hear something new on Jaguar XJ 2018.

2018 Jaguar XJ Interior and Exterior Changes

The interior is as luxury as your house with hand rest on the center of the rear seats. Come along with the center console and wide compartments to store all of your belongings neatly. The seats covered with pure satin leather with new stitching and soft surface. It gives you exclusive ambience as passengers or driver.

The exterior tells different story because it has futuristic shape. It has new LED BlueLight that will light up the car during the night. It gives futuristic style when you start the engine and let the lights on. The hood decorated with double air vents as a cooler for the engine as well.

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