2017 WRX Hatchback Specifications Review

2017 WRX Hatchback Specifications Review

2017 WRX hatchback is expected to be the next generation of Impreza two years from now. As we know that when Subaru told the press that the new hatchback become the new flagship of Subaru, they also told the press that there will be so many things that will distinguish this hatchback with the other hatchback series on the market. So it is not about the additional specifications or even features on this hatchback but it is also the overall changes that will happen for the WRX hatchback series on the marketplace.

Subaru will bring to you the new level of having experience with modern hatchback in 2017. We know that the time is still far away, but it tease the automotive enthusiasts that want to buy new hatchback series next time. For the futuristic hatchback, the new 2017 WRX hatchback will bring complete specifications. Even the exterior and interior design will be so different with the hatchback variant exist on the marketplace right know. It comes with huge interior, longer bodywork, and also better engine performance with low fuel efficient level that will save your money in your pocket.

Subaru WRX STI Hatchback Redesign

For the new hatchback series of Subaru WRX STI, at the first automotive enthusiasts will get new variant that released in 2016. It comes with 2016 Subaru WRX STI Hatchback Redesign model that will bring some improvements on the exterior and interior display. This variant is focus for the new changes on the overall design but it has the same engine capacity.

The redesigned model of this hatchback is very different with variant that comes as 2017 WRX hatchback. For the series released in 2016, there will be Taped Roof Panel and longer front hood that will enhance the appearance of this vehicle. As the result, the interior is also wider with more storage and compartment to put some stuff there.

2017 Subaru WRX STI Hatchback Release Date And Price

Among all of those variants of WRX hatchback, Subaru admits that the model that released in 2017 is best of the best all of the series. It means that this is going to be the next-gen of 2017 WRX hatchback to begin the new era with better engine and design. It also comes with newly loaded features that will enhance the experience in driving with this hatchback.

So, how about the price of new 2017 Subaru WRX STI Hatchback? You might think that this hatchback has overrated price in next two years. But you do not have to be afraid about the price of this car. It is only worth for $ 26,000 for the base model. You will bring back new WRX STI hatchback that will complement the blank space in your soul when you are expecting for a better hatchback. Summer of 2017 will be the release date of 2017 WRX hatchback but we can not tell the exact date of this hatchback. That’s all wrapped about 2017 WRX hatchback.

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