2017 Toyota C-HR Subcompact Crossover

2017 Toyota C-HR

Talking about subcompact crossover, some car company actually has released this model. Then, although it can be said that it is a little bit late, finally Toyota comes with its new subcompact crossover in March 2016 at Geneva Motor Show. Called as 2017 Toyota C-HR, this car has attracted the attention of the audiences successfully. With the design which is subcompact crossover, it is actually like the first subcompact crossover that is booming made by Nissan. However, indeed, there will be the difference between two of them. For those who want to get more information about this car, the explanation below will help you much.

Exterior of 2017 Toyota C-HR

For the interior of this car itself, you will find such a great subcompact crossover car here. It can be shown by each part in the exterior of the car. In this case, you can find a funky subcompact crossover look from 2017 Toyota C-HR. The aggressive style of its lines and the front part until the distinctive tail lights makes this car what we can say unique enough. The youthful look in this vehicle also becomes the next interesting point from the car in which this Toyota car is designed for those having a young soul. That is why the target of the car is for those who are still young and still have a freedom to do so many funny things.

Interior of 2017 Toyota C-HR

2017 Toyota C-HR

The interior of the car is still as attractive as the exterior. Even though it is almost the same with the common subcompact crossover car, the driver and the passengers of it will still get the comfort when they do a trip using this 2017 Toyota C-HR. This comfort atmosphere of the car will be a great thing for many buyers, indeed.

Engines of 2017 Toyota C-HR

For the engines, Toyota provides some engines actually. For the launching in Europe, this car uses two engines that are 1.8 L hybrid and 1.2 L turbo. Each engine can produce the power up to 120 hp and 133 hp. Using 6 speed manual variable transmission or gearbox, it will help the performance of this car.

2017 Toyota C-HR

Meanwhile, for US people, Toyota offers a 2.0 L engine with CVT. For the transmission, in US then, there will not be an option for the manual one, so it means that all cars for US will be automatic ones.

Release Date and Price of 2017 Toyota C-HR

As having been mentioned before that in Europe, this car has been released in March 2016 at Geneva Motor Show. The great enthusiasm there means that there will be many people who have attracted with this young people car. Meanwhile, in US, the car has not been released yet. It is expected that the release date of 2017 Toyota C-HR in US will be in spring season next year. Thus, people in US must be patient to wait for the coming of this subcompact crossover from Toyota. In addition, for the price, it has been expected that it will reach $24,000.

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