Introducing The New 2017 Nissan Navara: Specs, Release Date and Price

new nissan navara 2017

2017 Nissan Navara – Nissan is an old player in automaker industry. One of the most well-known variant in Nissan lineup is Navara. Now Nissan is planning to release 2017 Nissan Navara to compete with other 2017 variants from other automakers. However, it is commonly known that the car industry has been mainly dominated by German companies. Thus, what will this newest version of Nissan Navara in order to compete with its brethren? Check these details out.

2017 Nissan Navara Engine Specification

This newest version of Nissan Navara line up will use both petrol and diesel fueled machines for different variants. The available information only informs about the engine used in diesel version. The diesel version will use engine of 2.5 liter or four barrel of diesel to power the car. The horsepower produced by such machine is of 210 horsepower, which is a slight improvement compared to its predecessor with only 188 horsepower. It will also produce 332 lb-feet of torque. The number is not much impressive if it is compared to regular, pretty cars out there. This truck type of car is designed with Nissan special technology of all four wheel drive and fuel efficiency for better speed and economical use of fuel.

2017 Nissan Navara Exterior and Interior

This new 2017 Nissan Navara, as expected from a truck car, is built in bulky shape, yet doesn’t leave the appealing curvaceous of a fashion car. The car is designed in two door taxicab design will be the trunk. For a truck car, the newest Nissan Navara looks luxurious, with gleaming and shiny metal material. The front grill of the car is covered with gleaming chrome and Nissan logo with mirror slightly bend backward. This design avoids the car to look too bulky. By looking at the design in overall look, the Nissan Navara speaks both sturdiness and dynamic performance. The color is available in two, one is Bronze Earth, while the other, as one introduced in its pre-release is Savannah Yellow.

new nissan navara 2017

The interior is coupled with high technology devices and entertainment equipment. It has TFT touchscreen display as infotainment device as well as security device. The inside of the car is one that people would expect from a truck car. It totally looks modern and sophisticated with sleek black and silver color combination in the seats and dashboard. The interior also allows roomier leg room and space.

2017 Nissan Navara Release Date and Price

This car is expected to be released at the end of 2016. It is probably later compared to other automakers who commonly decided to release their new cars in the fall. However, as this car is segmented, the enthusiasm will be no more less than domestic car. For the price range, as 2017 Nissan Navara may come in several variants, the price range from $18,500 to the most expensive one in the range of $27,500. Hopefully, any truck car enthusiasts will be able to taste this Nissan combination of lux and sturdiness by choosing from variants that suit their budgets.

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