2017 Mercedes Maybach and the Specifications

2017 Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes Maybach – 2017 Mercedes Maybach is one of the newest car models from Mercedes. Do you like to ride with Mercedes? Do you want to change your car to Mercedes? That should be the right great moment for you since the newest Maybach from Mercedes is a very great car that will impress you in the first time you see this car. After getting impressed by the look of this car, you have to know about the spec of this car, so you will get better understanding with it. So, what are the specifications of this car? If you want to know about it, here is the information for you.

2017 Mercedes Maybach Specification

When we look at 2017 Mercedes Maybach, the only think that will come to our mind is that this car could be the one that makes the sedan car get elevated to something that slightly different. You have to pay attention to the whole things of this Mercedes Maybach. For the wheelbase of this car, you have to realize that this car has bigger wheelbase that the precedent of the Sedan car. This changing has purpose of giving bigger legroom for the people who sat in the back. So, it will make people inside this car feel better when they riding this car. How about the other specifications of this car?

This 2017 Mercedes Maybach is supported with the 6.0-liter twin turbo in the engine capacity. You also have to know if this engine capacity has a charge about v12 which can help the car to get about 523 horsepower. Besides that, this car is also supported with the 612 lb-ft torque. The other important information for you is that this car can give the high accelerate for you only after five seconds you start the machine on. So, what do you think about the specifications of this car?

2017 Mercedes Maybach

How about the interior of the 2017 Mercedes Maybach? You have to know if the interior design of this car is already fitted with the leather, which is handmade that we can find the panels of the door, the headliners and also the seats. Besides that, the thing that you have to know about this car is that this car has the analog clock on the dashboard, which can make you interested in this car. So, you have to make sure you already knew about the interior design of this car.

2017 Mercedes Maybach Pricing

When you want to buy a car, of course, you have to know about the pricing of this car. It is also important when you want to buy the Mercedes Maybach. You have to consider the price of this car since you need to know how much the budget that you need to spend to buy this car. The price of this car is started with about half a million euro. That should be a worthy price for a luxury car, is not that? So, what do you think about the price of this car? That is all the information for you about 2017 Mercedes Maybach.

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