2017 Ford Mustang GT Specifications, Looks, Release Date and Price

2017 Ford Mustang GT – Soon 2017 Ford Mustang GT will be released to the market. Ford is not a new player in car department. The Mustang lineup has been a legend especially in United States. You can hear Mustang featured in many American singers songs. Auto fans will be happy to see the old car redesigned again and is now exist among the other cars in 2017 years. Will Mustang satisfy its fans who art faithful to be with this old line up? What are the new things in the newest version of Ford Mustang GT? Check this review out.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Engine Specification

Any Mustang fans will be wowed with Ford revolution in this 2017 Ford Mustang GT. This car will be powered by 5.0 liter V8 engine. This kind of engine is typical for a car with no specific segment like truck or jeep. The revolutionary change is both great and not. The great thing is, V8 engine is powerful, it can produce up to 435 horsepower. Moreover, the feet of torque score is almost 400, to be exact 399, which is a very impressive number. The downside is, with 5.0 liter, can we expect the car to be fuel efficient? The answer can only be found out once the car is released and tested. Mustang GT will come with 3 different machines including the V6 and each will have six transmission with either automatic or manual ones.

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2017 Ford Mustang GT Exterior and Interior

It seems this 2017 Ford Mustang GT will be Ford flagship, what with the machine and all. As for the exterior of the car, when it was introduced, Ford intentionally covered half the body of the car. Ford intent to make this Ford Mustang a surprise for its fans. It is no wonder since Mustang has established good name among American auto fans. The looks will be no doubt close to stylish and attractive compared to its predecessor. Ford rumoured to have made big change that will shock everyone with this Mustang comeback. Regardless of the unrevealed exterior, it even makes auto fans more eager to wait for its release.

In the preview of Ford Mustang GT showcase the car looks to be built for more compact and slimmer look but Ford doesn’t sacrifice leg room and it still going to be comfortable driving the car. There is no detailed description of the interior as information has been withheld by Ford. However, it will likely feature the common modern features like a touchscreen display, built-in connection to smartphone, sound system, driving assistant and security devices.

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2017 Ford Mustang GT Price and Release Date

The price of this car will be vary depending on the variant. The approximate price for it is around $21,000 until $22,000. It is unclear whether the powerful V8 powered engine version one is included in the price range. If it is, Ford will no doubt win the market. As for the release date of the car, we expect the car to be released in the summer, and will be gradually marketed until the late summer and early fall of 2016.

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