The 2017 Ford Atlas Revealed

Ford has already been popular as one of a big automotive industry in the world. Has been in the industry for over than a hundred years ago, Ford is still standing still and mighty until now. Ford has always renewed its vehicles for a better performance, looks, functions, and features. As today, Ford soon will release the 4-doors pick up trucks, 2017 Ford Atlas. As its ambassador of Ford picks up trucks, Ford F 150, is now having a partner. 2017 Ford Atlas will have its first concept appearance 3 years ago at Detroit Auto Show, and now it will finally enter the market soon. Let’s first take a look at 2017 Ford Atlas!

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Ford Atlas will be equipped with glass roof that makes it more open and gives a sense of wildness. The double-deck front light will decorate the trucks along with tough dashboard and a rectangle wind resistant grille. You will also find more pins as to join put ropes for your challenging adventure. Aluminum is used as a basic component of the body which makes it a light yet strong pickup trucks.

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Let’s now reveal the interior design of 2017 Ford Atlas. The interior will come with a new fresh look by combining black and grey shades. All seats will be covered with comfortable, luxurious, soft leather skin. The front cabin will feature a quite large touch screen display and also attached touch screen on front seats’ back, so passengers on the back can also enjoy using the screen while travelling. As for passenger’s safety, this pickup trucks is equipped with standard safety features with some optional safety equipment including, blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping system. For audio, this pickup trucks will feature the brand new Noise audio system. Lat but not least, blue color lovers will totally in love with 2017 Ford Atlas’ interior, since it will be dominated by blue touch.

Engine Performance

The pickup trucks are predicted to use a powertrain engine which is carried by the 5.0 liter V8 engine which can copy to produce 360 horsepower with 380 torque. Six-speed automatic gear will feature with the powerful engine. With all those combinations, 2017 Ford Atlas aim to be run up to 60 mph under 8.1 seconds. As for the fuel, Ford is still finding a way to make this truck more fuel-economy.

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Price and Release

2017 Ford Atlas is expected to have its first release in 2016 (no specific date information) since the production of the truck will start within this year. As for the price, it will range from $21.000 for basic, standard models and $51.000 for advanced, trimmed, and completed installation of devices. When it hits the market, it will likely to compete with Dodge Ram 1500, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Silverado.

For you who are interested in possessing this wild and strong 2017 Ford Atlas pickup trucks, you need more patience and just wait for the official statement from Ford official website that you can check anytime online.

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