2017 Dodge Charger; the Tremendous Sport Car

2017 Dodge Charger

2017 Dodge Charger – Sport car might be the best choice and favorite for some people. However, choosing the random sport car might be able to be accepted. You might consider some consideration on choosing sport car. For the best way, you have to take some reviews o the best sport car. One of the high recommendation for sport car is 2017 Dodge Charger. With the concept of rebirth, the newest series from Charger take the transformation for the automobile industry. As the additional, it also takes the concept for the retro look which will be unique and elegant in the same time. If you look at it directly, you may fall in love with the color design that is offered. There will be some color design that all of them are the best.

2017 Dodge Charger Engine

If you have look at its exterior looks, you may get some prediction on what the engine will be on this rebirth car from Charger. There are some multiple variants for 2017 Dodge Charger engine that will make you freely choose what you need. For the engine, there will be 290-hp 3.6 liter V6,300-hp 3.6 liter V6, 370-hp 5.7 liter V8, 485-hp 6.4 liter V8, and also 707-hp 6,2 liter. So, with this specification, it will be greater to customize with your needs. For the fuel efficiency, it cannot take a joke because it has range fuel from 13-20 MPG/city. If you choose the dependent engine model from one out to five, you may also get 23-31 MPG/highway. It will be wonderful, right?

Exterior and Interior

For color design, 2017 Dodge Charger will be performed by three spectacular colors which is black, white and red. Three of these colors might be the best because it will make Dodge Charger be more masculine and beautiful at the same time. Moreover, for the sexiest exterior, it is also completed by some features that will make you be amazed by it. You might be not getting bored easily while driving with this Charger because it will be completed with Bluetooth, mobile WiFi, multi-charging USB ports, auxiliary power, and media UHB.

2017 Dodge Charger

There will be also others features like UConnect 8.4” Touchscreen display and 3D navigation graphics that will make you easier on it. How wonderful this sport car, right? For the further features will be updated soon. However, for these features, it will make everyone like to ride it plus there will be more specification on it. Can you imagine how great this car will be?

Price and Date Release

For the release date, there has been updated yet. However, for the mass production, 2017 Dodge Charger will be started from the earlier summer. In that situation, it will be available for the consumer around by the end of the summer to the fall. What makes it be more unique, Charger offers some different price based on its engine power. With R/T engine it will be offered start from $35.000, with SE will be around $29.000, with SRT will be $48.500 and for Dodge Charger SXT will be started from $31.000.

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