2016 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Specs, Colors, Review

2016 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Specs, Colors, Review

2016 Toyota Yaris hatchback is prepared for the automotive enthusiasts that are saturated with the sedan series. As we know that Yaris will be available in two different models as it comes out with sedan and hatchback variant. As what Yamaha’s marketing said, the brand new Yaris hatchback that is popular in Asian market is ready to be introduced in Canada and US marketplace next year. It means that there is possibility the new Yaris hatchback will be available in that marketplace. Yaris is one of the flagship products by Toyota that has stylish look, a good engine, and also affordable price for the auto fans.

With all of those offers, it is not surprising that the brand new Yaris hatchback is awaited by the automotive enthusiasts in Canada and the USA. It is believed that Toyota will bring fresh look by improving some of the specifications and also the make some improvements on the appearance. Based on the 2016 Toyota Yaris sedan that was introduced on New York Auto Show last month, it seems that the new Yaris hatchback also will use facelift concept for the exterior design.

Exterior and Interior

The dimension of this hatchback looks similar with Mazda 2 that is also marketed on the hatchback segment. It has sporty and contemporary style, it has colorful options, and also a well-designed body structure that will support the driver in acceleration. With the front fascia concept, the new 2016 Toyota Yaris hatchback looks more sporty with modern touch on the grille, headlights and also the front bumper. Thanks to 19-inch Arches Alloy Wheels that make the dimension of the car looks proportional.

Inside, it has spacious cabin for the front passenger and driver but has small legroom for the rear passengers. The dashboard kit also looks simple yet modern, with new 7-inch display screen and 3-Spoke Steering Wheel that will enhance the confidence of the driver when driving with this car. Plus, you will get extra storage at the rear end inside.

Engine And Features

It is impossible to see Toyota brings Turbocharged or V-6 type for this hatchback. This thing could be a shortage for 2016 Toyota Yaris hatchback because even Mazda uses Turbocharged engine for their latest product. But the bright side, the 1.5-liter DOHC 16-valve engine has better fuel efficiency and gas mileage due to the lack of fuel consumption.

The engine delivers up to 110 horsepower and it has good rating of gas mileage as well. EPA release the gas mileage for Yaris hatchback is around 35/43 mpg on the city and highway. You can drive on the city street comfortably. You might not get fast hatchback, but you get the efficient one, which is nice!

Price And Availability

At first, the Canadian market will be the main target of this hatchback on the early year and it spreads across America then. It is estimated that Toyota will release the new 2016 Toyota Yaris hatchback at price between $ 16,000 up to $ 20,000 depend on the trim levels.


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