2016 Nissan Quest Minivan Redesign Review

2016 Nissan Quest

In this recent day, there are many models of the cars that have been created by the car company of the world. Each model, indeed, has a certain function which will differentiate one car and another. Then, one of the models of the vehicle is called as minivan. This model is known as a model car that will make the vehicle having a big body. Thus, for the latest minivan that people should know is 2016 Nissan Quest. This minivan which is produced by Nissan, one of the biggest car companies, is innovated to fulfil the need of people of the big vehicle. With the model of the car, this vehicle can be as a family car.

For the 2016 Nissan Quest itself, it is actually the joint project of Nissan and Ford Motor Company, so that is why the design is the combination of that thought of the company. Then, this car is different from the previous model. Of course, with a better technology, this car is redesigned to be a better vehicle. The minivan car which is released in the next fall will be a great choice for all of the buyers wanting to own the luxurious minivan. The four-door car here will offer some great things as follow.

2016 Nissan Quest Exterior

2016 Nissan Quest

For the first one is that the exterior of this 2016 Nissan Quest. The first impression that the buyers can see is the SV angular front for the exterior view. It means that the exterior has such a great design. Adding with the touch of luxury there, the exterior of this minivan will be a good point that people can see and it also becomes the attractive thing from the car. The classic look of the exterior and the aggressive there are the thing which many people want to. Thus, it is not a surprise thing anymore when the enthusiasm of the buyers is high enough.

Meanwhile, after the exterior, the interior of 2016 Nissan Quest minivan can be the next great thing that people can see. In the new design of the car, you can find such a comfortable seats. The 7 passengers seats inside are equipped with so many great things which indeed will make the passengers get their comfort when they do a trip with this minivan. Adding with the complete interior features, this minivan can be such a great car for you.

Specs and Price

After that, talking about the engine and also fuel economy, 2016 Nissan Quest is good enough. The engine used that is 3,5 L V6 engine can produce 260 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. With the great transmission and the other thing, the minivan can be driven well in the city and highway which means that the car can reach such a high speed. This is much efficient and quieter rather than the previous model. Meanwhile, for EPA rate, this car has 22 miles per gallon. Last, the release date of the $27,000 to $44,000 minivan car will be within next fall.

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