2016 Nissan Cube Redesign Model

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2016 Nissan Cube Redesign Model

Having a vehicle today is such a kind of the need for many people. With the vehicle, people will have a transportation to go somewhere easier. Then, if you love much with a different and unique car, the 2016 Nissan Cube is the most suitable car for you. Why? It is because of the model of the car that is like a cube. It means that if this vehicle is seen from the right or left side, we can see a car like a box. The sharp design on the back top of the car emphasizes this cube vehicle. After that, for the latest car that is released, there will be some different things compared with the previous model. What are they? Just check the information as follow.

Today, 2016 Nissan Cube has been redesigned. This small hatchback will provide a new thing for all of the buyers. It is shown by both interior and exterior of the car. The company of this car offers the new Nissan Cube indeed in order that the lovers of this car get a cube car with a better feature inside and also outside. The new things of the cars include the safety offered in the new design of this vehicle.

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Moreover, for the interior of this 2016 Nissan Cube, the buyers can see there is a different touch in the car. This different touch, of course, gives the car such a better atmosphere. In this case, the passenger of this car having four doors will get a better comfort when they do the trip using it. In the front and the back seat of the car, all the passengers will get a comfort seat since the material of the seats itself is a high-quality material one. The spacious interior also is the must offer here. That is why the passengers of Nissan Cube 2016 get a larger space to relax inside the car. The unique features like Neither Vision and Water Drops add the great things about it which are released in early 2016.

Meanwhile, for the exterior itself, a nice and better look of the 2016 Nissan Cube will be the thing that the buyers can see. A small hatchback with its unique thing in cube shape is the attractive thing about the car. The safety of this $18,000 car is also upgraded. Therefore, different from the previous model, the safety features will make all of the passengers more and more feel safe when they do the trip using this cube car.

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After that, talking about the powertrain, maybe there is no a big difference with the previous car. The engine used in this vehicle is 1,8 L 4 cylinder engine having 122 hp. For the small hatchback car, this power is enough to make the car can be driven a little bit fast to the city. Equipped with 6-speed manual transmission and also the choice of the gearbox that are CVT gearbox and manual gearbox, 2016 Nissan Cube has 27 mpg for the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

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