2016 Lexus ES Sedan: A Sporty Luxurious Car

2016 Lexus ES Sedan

Lexus ES Sedan – Today, there are many car companies that produce many vehicles to provide the easiness for all people in transportation problem. Then, 2016 Lexus ES Sedan is one of the new cars that people can see produced by Lexus. As the same with the other cars having been released by this company, this car is designed in a luxury sport sedan.

From several reviews having been found in several sources, this 2016 Lexus ES Sedan is actually a relaxed and serene transportation. The smoother engine which is used in the car, the comfortable ride, the luxurious handling and interior, and great rear legroom will be the big factor in which this car becomes one of the great vehicle for all lovers of the sport sedan. In the opposite side, the cons of the car include the navigation system that is provided in the car is a little bit complicated and distracting to be used.

Moreover, in the launching date of 2016 Lexus ES Sedan itself, there are several things which people can see as a new one. For instance is that the interior of this sport sedan car. As having been told before that the interior is more comfortable. First, it is caused by the improvisation of the sound-deadening inside the car. In this case, all of the passengers can feel comfortable without being disturbed by the sound of the machine and the outside. After that, generous legroom in the rear seats will be the other thing which people can get here.

Meanwhile, for the exterior of 2016 Lexus ES Sedan, this car has a new thing as well. It can be seen by the look of the front and rear styling which are fresher. The Bi-LED headlights that are optional can add the sporty look of this sedan car from Lexus. The fog lamps of this car can be the next thing which can be found in a new style as well. Besides, in this midsize sedan from Lexus, there is also the other new thing like the panoramic sunroof.

2016 Lexus ES Sedan

Then, for the safety in 2016 Lexus ES Sedan, it has been improved too. The Lexus safety system+ which is in a new low cost can be got by all of the buyers. Several safety system which is offered by this $38,000 car is the lane departure warning, an automatic braking when in front of the car there is the other car, the automatic high beams, the adaptive cruise control and the forward collision alert. With all of the safety system offered, this luxurious sporty sedan car will not give the buyers such a disappointed thing.

Furthermore, for the engine itself, this 2016 Lexus ES Sedan uses a turbocharged 2.5 L four-cylinder engine for the on U.S market. For the U.S market, this car offers 2.0 and 2.5 L four-cylinder engines only. Besides, the other engines offered by the Lexus in this sporty sedan is 3.5 L V6 engine equipped with auto transmission, so that this car has 21 city/ 31 highway mpg.

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