2016 Honda NSX Offering a Challenge of Driving a Supercar Daily

2016 Honda NSX Offering a Challenge of Driving a Supercar Daily

Going to “fight” against the rivals in supercar segment, Honda has revealed some more details about the new 2016 Honda NSX. Even, the 2016 Honda NSX price has also been announced that it will start from approx £105,000 or $156,000. This price is offered in the US. We still question the price in UK whether it will be reasonable or not to compare to the Porsche 911, BMW i8 and Audi R8 as the rivals. In addition to the price, the machine will be also challenging as Honda has long experiences with the NSX which is firstly revealed in 1989. Over 15 years Honda develops the engine to challenge the competitors, including the Ferrari.

2016 Honda NSX Engine

In 2007, Honda agreed to release a new supercar which is equipped with a wonderful V10 engine. However, this was just a plan that was finally canceled. 10 years from the previous model, Honda comes with the new brand supercar with hybrid power. It was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show this year. The twin-turbo hybrid drivetrain is paired with petrol V6 and 3 electric motors. This 2016 Honda NSX engine distributes over 550 bhp.

2016 Honda NSX Designs

The new 2016 Honda NSX features a striking design that is supported with the aluminum and steel materials. Low roofline, side vents, LED headlights, blades bumpers, etc. complete 2016 Honda NSX exterior design. Four central exhausts are installed in this car that works with LED rear lights and race inspired diffuser. Excellent sculpture improves the aesthetic look of the car while paying attention to the high speed stability. It is also supported with the lightweight chassis technology so that the car can sprint fast. For the finishing, this supercar is offered with eight exterior colors matching the four interior colors.

The icon of 2016 Honda NSX is with red exterior color with some chrome and black accents for the grille, trim and wheels. Red represents aggressiveness. Bolder red is again implemented for the 2016 Honda NSX interior. Although the seats are fabric, but the car successfully grab the attentions to focus on the stylish sporty design of the seats. Black touches are for the door, dashboard, steering wheel and some other decorative points. Chrome lining is also applied to the driver-centric media. Large screen offers more readable and easier function.

2016 Honda NSX Chassis Technology

As mentioned previously, the high speed supercar should be advocated with lightweight chassis. 2016 Honda NSX is supported with world class material and application. The construction of the chassis is also done carefully by using a space frame design concept. The materials used include the aluminum, ultra high strength steel and also some other advanced materials. Carbon fiber is used for the floor for extra light yet rigid result.

Honda NSX for Daily Use

Indeed, the design of 2016 Honda NSX also focuses on usability. Although designed in supercar with high power, it does not mean that it can’t be used daily. If you are an aggressive driver, then just go with this supercar around the town. The pillar and the generous approach angles drive to a conclusion that this car is also safe for daily use.

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