2016 Hatchback Cruze Is Finally Revealed

2016 Hatchback Cruze Is Finally Revealed

2016 hatchback Cruze is the new hatchback series on the US that will also be available in Canada. This is a new kind of hatchback that will ensure the automotive enthusiasts will drive comfortably with hatchback series. Thanks to Chevrolet that make the new series of Cruze with longer dimension. As the result, you can bring more passengers on the inside and all of them will be still comfortable to join your trip. There is no other convenience that you can get when you drive with a long and wider hatchback with the entire family.

If we take a look back then, this is the second generation of Chevrolet Cruze on US market version. Even though this hatchback is classified as new comer, but some people think that this hatchback has lots of benefits to be offered. You will find out that the new 2016 hatchback Cruze is not offering about the large dimension because it offers more than that. The pleasure of driving should be maintained and Chevrolet will give you all of it.

Hatchback Cruze Interior Changes

The most interesting thing about new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is about the interior design. Chevy enhance the interior with new model and modern dashboard kit. The dash is covered with Leather Trim Brown Kit that will give luxurious touch on the inside. Plus, Chevy uses Front Bucket Seat with Height Adjustable Feature that will ensure the driver and front passengers comfortable.

Rumour said that Chevy also enhanced the interior features with better navigation system. But we can not provide those information before it is officially released by Chevy. For clue, you will not tired easily when you drive with 2016 hatchback Cruze due to new Adaptive Crusie Control. And there are more new features that will be announced soon before it is officially released.

2016 Hatchback Chevy Cruze Engine

If you expect that the new Chevy Cruze will come with larger engine then you will be disappointed. Chevy keeps the latest engine type with 1.4-liter 4-cyl engine but it is also available in Diesel engine which also has the same capacity. The petrol gas engine generates power up to 113 horsepower meanwhile for the Diesel engine deliver up to 145 horsepower.

Those type of engines is paired with CVT Transmission which is easy-to-operate model. You will be comfortable when you drive with 2016 hatchback Cruze in any type of roads.

2016 Hatchback Cruze Release Date

It is predicted that the new Chevrolet Cruze will be available in early 2016. You need to wait the presence of this hatchback because even though you can see the prototype of 2016 hatchback Cruze in this year but it has not available yet. The price of the new Chevrolet Cruze is less than $ 30,000 on the marketplace so you do not need to be afraid about the budget you have. Canada also intentioned to be alternatives market for the new hatchback Cruze so if you live there you still have a chance to buy 2016 hatchback Cruze.


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