2016 Ford Fiesta ST Gets Turbo Engine!

2016 Ford Fiesta ST Gets Turbo Engine!

2016 Ford Fiesta ST is the only one hatchback that is using Turbocharged engine if it is compared with the other trim levels. This is 4-doors hatchback that will give you the real sensation of driving with a fast hatchback. During this time the automotive enthusiasts are saturated with all of the vehicles on the marketplace that offer high-powered engine system under the hood but have high price. That’s why the auto fans prefer to buy the used version of sports car instead of buying the new one. But, since Ford will release Fiesta ST 2016 then you can switch your option for this variant. This is a good looking hatchback that keeps turbo engine under the hood.

Colors And Dimension Ford Focus ST

The exterior color of this hatchback is available in 4 different options. All of those colors are metallic which considered better than the regular premium pain because it has good shine as the weather change. You can choose the Shadow Black, Kona Blue, Molten Orange, or the Magnetic which all of them are metallic paint. Inside, 2016 Ford Fiesta ST is available in three options. You can choose the concept of your interior by choosing the Charcoal Black, Molten Orange, or Smoke Storm that come out with new stitching and premium cloth. The color combination of exterior and interior is crucial as both of them can give different contrast.

Meanwhile for the dimension of this hatchback, I think that you will get spacious room inside. The width of Ford Focus ST 2016 is 5 ft. 11.6 in. and its height is around 4 ft. 9.2 in. with length for about 13 ft. 4.1 in. Inside, the front head room is 39.1 in with front headroom around 42.2 in. With that space, the front cabin has large space to drive.

Engine And Acceleration

The engine of this hatchback is EcoBoost that paired with Turbocharged technology. The 1.6-liter inline-4 comes along with 6-speed Manual Transmission. We can not get exact information about the availability of Automated Transmission for this variant. As the capacity of the engine is not too large, 2016 Ford Fiesta ST has good gas mileage with 26/35 mpg on the city and highway.

The turbo engine can bring you to reach 60 mph in 5 seconds. Meanwhile the top speed of this hatchback, it is expected to be 105 mph in the long highway. Ford also offers the mechanical option with 50-states Emission System that will help the engine to reduce the emission of this hatchback. Now, it is better than the other hatchback that still use the regular technology for the emission system.

Price And Trim Levels

You may think that this hatchback has high price as it uses the Turbocharged engine. Turns out, Ford will release this hatchback at price $ 22,000 on the marketplace. There are some trim levels that you can choose such as Ford Focus S, Ford Focus Titanium, and Ford Focus SE. Now, you have wider options for the new hatchback in 2016.


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