2016 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback Specs

2016 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback Specs

The brand new 2016 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback will be released soon! I think that this is going to be good news for the automotive enthusiasts that want to buy a new hatchback in 2016. Basically, Chevy releases the Sonic variant in two different models. You can buy the sedan model that will give you the pride to drive on the city street. But if you want to buy a new vehicle that has the sporty look, nimble, fast and easy to use, then the hatchback version of Chevrolet Sonic will be the perfect choice. The hatchback is easier when it is used on the suburban area where the street is small and it is dense as well.

Based on thecarconnection.com, many automotive fans that dislike about the new Chevrolet Sonic hatchback when it is displayed on the LA Auto Show. They think that this vehicle lack of USB Port and the braking system is a little bit too hard. But I think it does not matter because there are more fans that like the new 2016 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback. This vehicle is believed that you will be very comfortable due to it has excellent seating system. It also gets good noise of suppression and many more!

2016 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback Safety Features

One of the best thing about this hatchback is the safety features. The essence of driving on the street is the safety when you are on a journey. No wonder that Chevy offers more safety features for the new Sonic Hatchback that will be released in 2016. The result of the safety ratings from has not published yet but based on the previous series, 2016 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback will be equipped with 10 airbags with front, side and curtain airbags.

For the active safety system, Chevrolet installs Blind Sport Monitoring System so you can take over the car in front of you safely. IIHS even awarded the previous hatchback with Top 5-stars Rating for Safety Pick.

Engine And Performance

The sporty look on the outside represents the power on the inside. This hatchback looks sporty and you can drive as fast as you can just like sports cars. Thanks to the new Turbocharged engine that supports 1.4-liter 4-cyl and capable of producing more than 120 horsepower. It comes along with six-speed Auto Transmission that will pamper the driver.

The gas mileage rate of 2016 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback has not been released yet, but it is predicted lower than before. The Turbocharged engine consumes more petrol and you will get shorter range with the same amount of fuel in compare with the previous model. On the bright side, you can drive faster and taste the turbo engine.

Price And Release Date

Surprisingly, this is a new hatchback that has an affordable price. It is estimated under $ 23,000 for a new hatchback with the Turbocharged engine. The price also depends on the trim levels you choose, so you need to choose wisely when you make an offer for 2016 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback.


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