What is the G80 Locker?

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If you are one of the customers in the market who use a mid or full-size pickup truck will be already aware of the benefits that will you get using a rear locking differential. One of the rear locking differentials that you can find on the market is G80 Locker. This is the name for the Silverado and Colorado model lineup in General Motors’ case.

This article will aim at first-timer and younger truck enthusiasts, but also a reminder for those who towing and hauling without using the aid of a locking diff. So, what’s a G80 Locker then?

G80 Locker Explanation

G80 Locker

First of all, G80 Locker is not the official name of this locking rear diff. many people call this because of its order code. This stuff from Eaton brand is mainly known for making high-spec superchargers. A pickup truck should use this locking rear diff if you want to get the job done. Your job cannot be done without this little contraption.

The Eaton G80 is an automatic locking differential which let a mid or full-size truck to go places that reserved traditionally for pickups. This locker will benefit four-wheel drive. The G80 locking differential offers you enhanced control and traction.

How does this thing work?

Let’s say that you have a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 off the beaten path which drives on a muddy field. The G80 Locker rear axle will lock automatically if one of the rear wheels starts to spin and looking for traction on the muddy field. This locking will enable both rear wheels so that the truck will move out of the muddy situation. Now, you got it?

When you ask “when does the G80 lock?”, as we mentioned before, the rear locking diff will engage without any input from the driver. So, this diff will deliver up to 100 percent of the driveline’s power to both of the driven if the rear wheel speed difference reaches 120 rpm, then the power will be on the maximum attack. This means that the G80 diff can also be used on 4×4 pickups truck if you want to add the versatility.

G80 Locker

If you still want to go technical, we will remind you that this Eaton G80 will perform like an open diff. The locking mechanism will be triggered if there is excessive slip in one wheel. The mechanism will provide better traction if both of the rear wheels rotate at the same speed. This becomes so much better than conventional limited-sip diff. this locker is unlike other high-tech electronic lockers since the G80 diff will detect wheel slip by its flyweight-type governor engages.

Both rear axle will shaft to rotate at the same speed when slip is detected by the mechanism and a system forces a camp plate ramp against a side gear. We need to remind you that the G80 locking diff comes as standard on the Silverado 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty pickup trucks as well as Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ and Z71 models. Many mid-size and full-size SUVs benefits from the G80 Locker.

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