Used Honda Fit 2014 EV Review

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Used Honda Fit 2014 EV Review

Honda Fit 2014 EV can be a good choice if you want to buy a budget friendly hatchback to ride. You can find this variant in Honda forum that will guide you to find the best Honda Fit hatchback as a reference and you can brainstorming about your intention and doubts about this variant. Many peoples prefer to join a forum when they want to buy a used car. This place is considered as the best place to know more about the car they want to buy and they can get interact with the owner of Honda Fit so they can talk about it directly.

You can follow this step or you can choose the other way to find used Honda Fit 2014 EV. You can buy this car on the owner, or you can choose the certified dealership if you want to buy used Honda Fit. Both of those place will give you advantages and disadvantages because there are some pros and cons about that. Like when you buy the used hatchback from the owner, then you can get cheaper price and you can make a lower purchase of the car. But on the other sides, there are no guarantees about the car you buy. It goes the same with the certified dealership because you can get the advantage and disadvantage too.

Honda Fit 2014 Specs

Regardless about the place to find Honda Fit, you should know about the specification of this hatchback first. It is important to know about the specification so you can calculate the risk that you take when you buy used Honda Fit 2014 EV.

It comes with Active and Passive Safety system. For the active safety system, there will be Vehicle Stability Assist that will help you to control the car easily. Especially when you are experiencing oversteer or understeer that could be dangerous for you. The presence of Electronic Brake Distribution will help you to get a good grip when you are about to crash. You can stop just in time and control the car easily.

Meanwhile for the passive safety system, Honda add Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure that is built with special materials. It can reduce crash and make sure the passengers on the inside safe during crash. The interior also features with Dual-Stage Multiple Threshold Front Airbags SRS that will ensure the driver safe during accident. Plus, you will get Side Curtain Airbags for the passengers.

Honda Fit 2014 Drive System

Honda will give you special experience with the presence of different driving mode. You can get Normal Mode, which will give you standard setting for all of the features. Or you can change into Sport Mode, that will make the engine more aggressive so you can drive faster. Last, you can switch into ECO Mode that will make the engine provide the best fuel efficiency so you can save more power and fuel. Now, you can enjoy all of the convenience that you can get when you buy Honda Fit 2014.


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