Used Ford Focus SVT Hatchback For Sale

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Used Ford Focus SVT Hatchback For Sale

Ford Focus SVT is one of the best hatchback ever made by Ford. It started on 2002, when the first generation of Ford Hatchback dominates the marketplace by releasing several models of hatchback. Time after time, we can find the red line that the Ford Focus SVT is the best in class hatchback series that made by Ford and also become the pioneer of the hatchback model since this time. It is not surprising that the presence of SVT series inspired the other series of hatchback that made by Ford time to time. You can buy the SVT series to be your partner on the street.

There are so many models of Ford Focus SVT on the marketplace whether it is used or new. You can choose one of them as your partner in driving because Focus SVT variant has something to offer. It is not just good at the appearance of the car but also it comes with good engine that will give you good performance in driving. Even the early series of Ford Focus SVT will give you good sensation of driving with hatchback series.

2004 Ford Focus SVT Hatchback

Maybe you do not have enough budget to buy the new series of  Ford SVT hatchback. But you can choose the used version of Focus SVT that are available on the marketplace. Used 2004 Ford SVT hatchback is pretty popular on the marketplace because even though this car was released 10 years ago but it still has good performance to drive. This is the early generation of Ford SVT series with 2.0-liter 4-cyl engine that can generate power up to 170 horsepower.

Look back at the first 2004 Ford Focus SVT hatchback was released, this car has good ability because it has large engine capacity. Now, this hatchback still got its power to conquer the road. All you need just to find the owner that sell this car in good condition because the engine could behave damaged. Meanwhile for the gas mileage, this car offer 18 mpg on the city and 24 mpg on the highway which is impressive for the used car series.

2004 Ford Focus SVT Hatchback Price

There is so many reason why the automotive enthusiasts want to buy this hatchback. In addition with the performance of the car, this hatchback also has good price rating. This is suitable for those of you who want to buy used car for cheap. The price for 2004 Ford Focus SVT hatchback is starting at $ 6,800 up to $ 9,150 on the marketplace.

I think the price is pretty affordable for those of you who want to buy used hatchback. In comparing with the other hatchback on the marketplace, the used Ford SVT hatchback offer good performance and well-designed body structure as well. When you find out that the body is damaged or it looks bad, then the price could be cheaper and even under the estimated price. That is all review about 2004 Ford Focus SVT hatchback.

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