Toyota Hilux for Sale USA Recommendation

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If you are looking for Toyota Hilux for sale USA, then you land in the right place. We are about to give a lot of explanation about the specification and review of Toyota Hilux. In pickup truck segment, Toyota only has few of trucks in compare with other auto manufacturers. Toyota also is not a dominant player in this range. RAM and Ford are the kings of pickup truck, I would say. But it doesn’t mean that Toyota has nothing to offer for the auto market. They have the flagship model for pickup truck that already competed in the market since 1980’s.

Even the first generation of Toyota Hilux was born in the United States. Now, there are plenty of old and used Toyota Hilux for sale USA that you can pick on the market. You can choose based on what you want and the budget you need. It is essential to buy used or new truck that fit your budget. That way, you could get the best one; it is not over-budget. Here is a brief review about Toyota Hilux in the USA.

A Brief History of Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux, to be honest, is not the best in class when it comes to heavy duty or small size pickup truck. But it still gives you good ride since it has excellent performance. It is not a bad truck or must-have truck either, but it is something that could be an alternative if you want a Japanese vehicle. There’s stereotype in the US that Japanese vehicle is not as good as American or European auto manufacturers. But, Toyota is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry that has a lot of experiences in this field. When people searching for Toyota Hilux for sale USA, then they need to know the history of Toyota Pickup.

Toyota Hilux for sale USA

It was first produced in late 1960 with the name of Toyota Pickup. It is also the first generation of pickup truck made by Toyota in the North America. On its journey, the production of the pickup truck has stopped and Toyota decided to develop new variant called Toyota Tacoma. It was a remade model of Hilux with several improvements. But then the company decided to continue production and resurrect the brand from the grave. Now, it produced worldwide and marketed in Australia, Asia, and even some parts of Europe.

There are eight generations of Toyota Hilux on the market so you need to be careful in choosing the Toyota Hilux for sale USA. The last generation mostly uses Diesel engine that is durable and more powerful. Meanwhile, the seventh generation was available in both gasoline and diesel engine. We think that it would be better if you buy the used Toyota Hilux that includes in the sixth generation, produced between 1997 and 2004. They still have great engine for towing and hauling. Plus, you don’t need a lot of money to maintain it. The variants that produced before 1997 sometimes will cause you troubles.

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