Top Recommended New Hatchback 2015

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Top Recommended New Hatchback 2015

New hatchback 2015 can be considerations for those of you that want to buy hatchback model in 2015. There are so many type of cars available on the marketplace but the hatchback series still get its own fans. I think that this is a good way to drive with a good car that will be your friend in driving on the city street because hatchback is built to fit with the street’s dimension. It is not surprising that for those of you that already saturated with the sedan series, then they tend to choose buy a new hatchback instead.

There are so many new hatchback 2015 but only some of them are worth to buy. The other have lack of specifications and features that will not help you at all. Besides, by choosing the best in class hatchback then you can spend your money on the right thing.

2015 Hyundai Accent

The best thing about new Hyundai Accent is because this hatchback has affordable price. And it is admitted by the automotive enthusiasts that buy this new variant and they are satisfied with the performance of the hatchback as well. This new hatchback is only worth for $ 8,900 on the marketplace and this is kind of cheap car with good gas mileage.

2015 Chevrolet Metro

This is the new variant that make its debut in 2015. The first generation of Chevrolet Metro will please you with the efficiency level of the car. With this hatchback, you can reach for about 39 mpg on the city and 39 mpg on the highway based on the EPA estimation. It is definitely a well-purchased new hatchback 2015.

2015 Honda Civic Hatchback

After the success on the sedan variant, Honda release the new Honda Civic 2015 with Hatchback model. This hatchback can be alternative for those of you who want to buy high-level efficient hatchback. Honda is well known as one of the best Japanese car maker that has good engine to reduce the fuel consumption.

2015 Toyota Yaris


Another options that you can choose for the new hatchback 2015 is the brand new Toyota Yaris. This is also kind of the new low price entry hatchback that make its debut in 2014 and continue in 2015. The new Yaris hatchback model now is equipped with Convenience and Power Packages that will assist you in driving on the city street. Plus, this hatchback comes along with new chassis that is more modern than before.

The All New 2015 Ford Focus

Among all of the hatchback series on the marketplace, Ford Focus provides many models of new hatchback that worth to buy. There are so many trim levels of Ford Focus that also come with different engine specifications and exterior design. I would like to recommend you to buy the all-new Ford Focus hatchback that available on the marketplace with Platinum Series, Ford Focus ST Series, or the sportiest Ford Focus ST Series that will make sure you drive with the best new hatchback 2015.

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