Top 5 The Cheapest Hatchback in 2015

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Top 5 The Cheapest Hatchback in 2015

The cheapest hatchback in 2015 will be the best option if you are in a low budget condition. I am sure that you will not push your body out of your league and you will not spend your money for a luxury car that will drain your budget fast. This is a common problem that faced by almost all of the automotive enthusiasts around the world. They find it difficult to get the best hatchback that can accommodate their need without having to spend so much money for their new hatchback. But do not let your dreams fade as you want to buy a new hatchback at cheap price.

There are still plenty options of new hatchback that released at affordable price. I think that one of them is the best for you if you are looking for cheapest hatchback in 2015. If the average price for hatchback in 2015 is around $ 24,000 but I already made a list of cheap hatchback that can be paid less than the average price in marketplace.

Chevrolet Spark 2015

If you are looing for 5-doors hatchback then the new Chevrolet Spark can be the selection. This is a compact hatchback with 5-doors so you will get extra storage on the rear end. The price of Chevy Spark is cheap because it is sold for just $ 13,000 on marketplace. At that price, you can get small hatchback that will give maximum function for you.

Smart Fortwo

The smart car is popular type in France, and now it starts to invade US market. I think you will be a smart buyer as well if you buy the brand new Smart Fortwo. This is a 2-doors hatchback that fit for 2 passengers only, just like the name of the car. If you are looking for city car something, then Smart Fortwo can be the cheapest hatchback in 2015 for you. The price for this 2-doors hatchback is only $ 12,000 and you will be equipped with 1.5-liter petrol engine.

2015 Kia Rio

If you want to buy non-USA hatchback then this car can be the best selection for you. The Korean car maker will sell 2015 Kia Rio at range between $ 12,000 up to $ 14,000 depend on the payment method you choose. So far you have wide selections of new hatchback that sold at cheap price. Kia Rio can be one of that selection for you.

Ford Fiesta 2015

This is the new hatchback that made in USA. Maybe you want to buy a compatible hatchback that is capable of driving in any kind of terrain with the best performance. Ford Fiesta 2015 will be sold for $ 15,000 on marketplace and it has amazing performance with 1.6-liter engine that can produce up to 120 horsepower.

Toyota Yaris 2015

The brand new Toyota Yaris 2015 make its debut in US marketplace in cheap price. This hatchback worth for $ 14,500 and it has good gas mileage. You can consider this variant for the cheapest hatchback in 2015.


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