Top 5 The Best Diesel Hatchback

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Top 5 The Best Diesel Hatchback

Best diesel hatchback will be suitable for those of you who like to drive with diesel cars. It is been a popular issue that basically the automotive enthusiasts are splitted into two kinds, those who like to drive with diesel engine and those who like to drive with petrol gas. So, which one are you?

If you like to drive with hatchback that uses diesel engine as the source power then you should look for the best diesel hatchback on marketplace. I know it would a little bit hard for you because only a few of car company that make hatchback with diesel engine.  Or you will find it difficult to get it on the market because only a few owners that would like to sell their favorite hatchback.

I will give you some references about the best diesel hatchback that is recommended for you. I hope it will help you to find the best one, or when you meet on the market then you can buy it as soon as possible.

Kia Cee’d 1.6 CRDi

This is a good hatchback for those of you who want to drive with low fuel diesel engine hatchback. This variant is popular on the UK marketplace but you can find Kia Cee’d in several major states in USA as well. Kia offers 1.6 diesel engine that will give better gas mileage than the version that is using petrol gas engine.

VW Scirocco

From all of the Volkswagen’s hatchback, VW Scirocco is the sportiest hatchback ever made. It has captivating design with sporty style and compact size that will make you easier to drive in any kind of street. I think that this hatchback is suitable for those of you who wants to drive in style with best diesel hatchback.

Renault Clio

If you want to buy Renault Clio then you will get the best hatchback that using diesel engine ever made by non-USA car maker. Renault is popular because they always create a new car that has good performance due to the engine used. Even though this car is rarely to find in USA but you can buy on the used market so you can find the hatchback with diesel engine.

Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDI

Ford gives you lots of options if you want to drive with diesel engine car. You can choose the Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDI that is using diesel engine. Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDI will be the best partner on the street because this car has good price. It estimated you can buy used Ford Fiesta around $ 11,000 on marketplace.

BMW 1 Series Sport

I remember that BMW has one of the best hatchbacks that also using diesel engine. BMW 1 Series Sport can be option if you want to buy hatchback with diesel engine. The perks of buying this car is because you will get prestige to drive with BMW Series.

Those are the top 5 hatchbacks that is using diesel engine as the main power. You can choose one of them if you need reference for the best diesel hatchback.


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