Top 5 Popular Hatchback in USA

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Top 5 Popular Hatchback in USA

There are so many hatchbacks but only a few popular hatchback in USA. You can choose your own favorite hatchback that meet your desire or you can follow the trends and choose the popular hatchback instead. Of all the automotive enthusiasts in US tend to choose the popular hatchback because they know the ability of the car. It is different when you buy your own choice because only you can assess the ability and the other value on the hatchback. But when you follow the popular one, it means that the hatchback can be trusted because it has either amazing performance or it has reasonable price.

I do not know about your favorite hatchback but I know a lot about popular hatchback in USA. All of this hatchback have their own ability in gas mileage, performance, fuel efficiency or even the price that sometimes become the barrier for the automotive enthusiasts in USA. Let’s check the list below so you can get the popular hatchback in USA as your references before you buy the new hatchback series.

Honda Crosstour

This is the hatchback made by Honda and it is popular because it has luxurious design. Honda Crosstour has unique design because Honda adopt the wagon model for this hatchback. Both of the interior or exterior display offer luxurious and convenience that become the plus value for this hatchback. You can choose the new Honda Crosstour if you want to look stylish in driving hatchback.

Chevrolet Sonic

This is a sub-compact hatchback that also the flagship product by Chevy. This hatchback known for its ability in driving. It is nimble, fast and easy to use at the same time. The dimension is perfect so it is easier to be handled. The new Chevrolet Sonic is suitable for those of you who still young and want to drive with good-looking city car that offer aggressive acceleration as well.

Ford Focus C-Max Hybrid

There is so many popular hatchbacks in USA but Ford C-Max is the one and only that is using hybrid engine. Let yourself try different experience in driving by choosing the hatchback that has hybrid engine that is more environmentally friendly. You can choose this hatchback if you want to save your budget in daily usage. Ford Focus C-Max Hybrid also comes along with new tech that will help you to reduce the emission of fuel produced.

Nissan Leaf

If you have low-budget for the new hatchback series then you should choose Nissan Leaf. This is an affordable hatchback that is sold under $ 15,000 on marketplace. See? You do not need to spend lots of money to enjoy the convenience of driving with hatchback because Nissan Leaf is the best options for popular hatchback in USA with cheap price.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Gas mileage is one of the biggest concern for the automotive enthusiasts lately. Mitsubishi Mirage has good mileage because EPA release that this variant can reach for about 43 mpg combined. Besides, the price of this hatchback is not too expensive. With all of those specs, it is worth to give a try to Mitsubishi Mirage as one of the popular hatchbacks in USA.


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