Top 4 The Best Luxury Hatchback in 2015

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Top 4 The Best Luxury Hatchback in 2015

The best luxury hatchback in 2015 will guide you to the different level of driving. We know that there are so many kinds of hatchback on the marketplace but only a few of them that can offer luxurious ambience when you drive with hatchback. one of the cons that make people do not want to drive with hatchback is because they can not get the luxurious feel like when they drive with convertible or coupe series. It is not surprising that the sale of hatchback variant in US market is reducing years by years.

But in 2015 you can find some of the best luxury hatchback on the market that will give you confidence in driving. These hatchbacks will give you pride because you will drive with luxurious model of hatchback for daily activity. It will enhance your prestige and the best luxury hatchback will ensure you will get top safety features as well. Let’s see the list of the luxury hatchback in 2015 that is recommended for you.

2015 Fiat 500

The Italian car maker makes new breakthrough by making new luxury hatchback for 2015. The all new Fiat 500 has cute model that is suitable for teenager. Even though Jenifer Lopez has new Fiat 500 on her garage and she drives this car in some occasions. This is the two-doors hatchback that is marketed for Europe market once, and it is finally brought to US market before it has been remaking. It is definitely worth to buy.

2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop

Another best luxury hatchback for 2015 is the new Mini Cooper Hardtop. This hatchback comes with the combination of retro and modern style. Speaking of which, I think Mini Cooper Hardtop has sensational design that will make you confidence to drive with hatchback. Plus, it has good gas mileage with 30 mpg combined. Thanks to the 1.6-liter engine that is better in spinning the fuel.

2015 Audi A7

For the luxury car shoppers, Audi A7 is definitely a must-buy hatchback for 2015. It has amazing design just like the other product released by Audi. We know that Audi always create a luxurious design on each variant they released. And also you will get V-6 engine that will rock you on the city street. I think you can choose Audi A7 as the best luxury hatchback that can be a new collection for this year.

Porsche Panamera 2015

Panamera 2015

This is a big competitor for Audi A7. It comes along with Supercharged engine that will give power more than 550 horsepower. Porsche also comes with Hybrid engine that will guarantee that you can drive comfortably in low fuel engine. It means that you can drive in style and still environmentally friendly because 2015 Porsche Panamera has low fuel emission.

Those are the top 4 of best luxury hatchback in 2015 that is recommended for you. As the luxury car shoppers, I think you should choose that hatchback if you want to buy luxury hatchback this year. buy one of those and feel the luxurious of hatchback.

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