Top 3 the Most Ford EcoBoost Problems

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It is a common thing when our vehicle goes down due to several reasons. One of them is the durability. Just like human, as we grow up there are a lot of issues arise. So, if you have an old car, it is common if there are a lot of problems with that. But it is odd when the brand new car you have got a lot of things that make you worry. In this case, Ford is facing a lot of charges and sued from its loyal customers. It was because the Ford EcoBoost problems that make the auto fans around the world are mad at this company.

The Most Common Problem in the EcoBoost Engine

As automotive enthusiasts, you should be careful with what you choose as daily commute. If you want to choose one of Ford’s flagships, you should know about the common Ford Ecoboost problems. Here they are:

The Ignition Problem

Ford Ecoboost problems

For some series that use 3.5-litre EcoBoost model, you should be careful with the ignition. Especially when you get misfire code P0300-0306, then you must take off the coil boots and pull the plug then you should search the carbon tracks in the insulator. If you see something different, such as there’s any track, then you need to replace those parts.

Timing Chain Wear

Ford Ecoboost problems

For those who did not know, the EcoBoost is actually a Turbocharged engine. It means that you should change the oil of the engine regularly. Make sure that you understand the timing chain interval to keep your EcoBoost pleased. If the oil is not replaced regularly, it will damage the chain and the tensioner. Make sure that you follow the instruction and change the oil on time.

Don’t Use Induction Cleaners

Ford Ecoboost problems

Basically, there are a lot of Ford Ecoboost problems that you should know and how to handle it properly. We think that EcoBoost is a low-quality engine. But honestly, EcoBoost is one of the best-turbocharged engines there is. Sometimes, how the owner handles it that cause the problems in the Ford’s EcoBoost.

Some people use the induction cleaners that will be injected on the intake. People think that it will clean the engine and keep it durable. The fact is, it will damage the bearings of the Turbocharged. All you need to do is let it just the way it is because it doesn’t have any problem with the Carbon Build-up. One more, you should use the hi-quality fuel to keep the engine clean because the best fuel will not leave any stain.

Those are several Ford Ecoboost problems that seem to be the major issue so far. As long as you use it wisely and follow the instructions, then there are only a few chances that the EcoBoost engine will corrupt. And for the auto fans that like to make DIY project on some parts of Ford’s attribute, it would be better if you have a little chat with the best mechanic to prevent engine’s issues.

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