The Economical and Sporty 2018 Ford Eco Sport

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Economical, nature-friendly car is trending right now. With the issue of global warming, the automotive industry has been criticized as their products contribute a lot to global warming. However, new technology promises of vehicle with lesser risk of damaging the atmosphere. The eco-friendly and economical soon is widespread. Ford does not want to miss out and release 2018 Ford Eco Sport that comprises sporty look and performance but nature-friendly and economical.  Ford going to name a car with such obvious reference leads auto fans in excitement and wonder. What Ford actually brings to this fashionably named car? Let’s check the review.

The Looks the Proclaimed Economical Car Brings

2018 Ford Eco Sport

The Ford Eco Sport built as crossover with accentuated grill and sporty look. The front headlamps are sharp and distinct. The sides view is bold and sharp that usually a trademark of speedy car. However, it seems Ford does not want to let go of the archaic look of the old days Ford cars. The 2018 Ford Eco Sport only pulls the necessary sporty look but it still has the friendly look of domestic car. The overall size of the car is compact that makes this car good for single driving.

As for the interior of the car, it comes with all the technology needed in a modern car. It has the exclusive Harman sound system with door mounted tweeter, 10 speakers, and rear subwoofer, providing the car with high-quality audio experience. For the entertainment, the car is integrated with Apple CarPlay as well as Android integration. The interesting feature in WordPress feature. This feature allows driver to lock, unlock and locate the car. With all these technologies, 2018 Ford Eco Sport definitely worth considering for those sport car enthusiasts.

The Engine That Comprises Sport Name

2018 Ford Eco Sport

Ford definitely name their new vehicle with a reason. It is supposed to be a sporty yet economical car. The engine is powered with 1.0 liter EcoBoost for the first version, and 2.0 liter for the second version. The first version can produce 123 horsepower and 148 feet of torque. As for the second version, it can produce 160 horsepower and 146 feet of torque. The small number matches with the small built of the car. The stilt movement of the car is supported by the all-wheel-drive system and automatic transmission. There is also option for four-wheel drive for the SES version. Compact and sharp, 2018 Ford Eco Sport is suitable for those who want to drive on their own.

Release Date and Price of Newly Car

The car has only been showcased but it is not released to market yet as it is planned to be released in early 2018. The price is not announced yet but considering it is a small building with the latest technology, it will not be as expensive as sports car but cost more for those who look for car beyond the domestic one. Hopefully, the 2018 Ford Eco Sport will garner the attention of auto fans, especially since the name speaks of promising performance.

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