The Best Used Hatchback 2010-2015

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The Best Used Hatchback 2010-2015

Best used hatchback can be alternative for those of you who want to buy new car. I mean, this is the option that you can take if you want to replace your old car. There are so many hatchback series that marketed since 2010 until the new version that on the marketplace in 2015. And at that some points, there are so many changes that happened on all of the hatchback series. They all come again and again with different style, they have developed new engine system, and also they come with different rate that can be classified as expensive, affordable and under the rate. All of that hatchback come down with their diversity.

I hope that this article can guide you to find the best used hatchbacks that on marketplace since 2010 until the latest one in 2015. There are plenty of hatchbacks that can be your new option and try different experience with hatchback variant. Take a look at these used hatchback that will fulfill all of your needs in driving.

2010 Toyota Matrix

This is the old style hatchback that only released for US market. Therefore, you can not find Toyota Matrix out of the market. This was popular hatchback because it has stylish look with sporty design. It is not surprising although Toyota has stopped the production but the used version of this car is still being sought after.

2014 MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper always creates something different for the body design. In fact, almost all the design by MINI Cooper has its uniqueness. It is not surprising that 2014 MINI Cooper was popular because it has good-looking style. There is blend between modern and vintage at the bodywork. And it has powerful engine with 2.4L Inline-4 Turbocharged that will make you satisfied to drive fast.

2011 Ford Fiesta

It comes with compact design and captivating body style that make automotive enthusiast amazed by the display. I know that there have so many changes on the new series of Ford Fiesta but on the used vehicle market, 2011 Ford Fiesta still one of the best used hatchback. Many automotive enthusiast that prefer to buy this hatchback because it is considered cheaper than the new one.

2011 Nissan Juke

It was introduced between 2011 and 2012 back then. The first variant was released for the Asian market and it was continue growing up and managed to compete with the USA market. Nissan Juke has 1.6L Turbocharged engine which is extraordinary because this is the only hatchback that use turbocharge engine system with below 2.0L capacity.

2014 Chevrolet Sonic

Chevrolet made this variant for the hatchback lovers around The USA. It was considered as one of the affordable hatchbacks as well. The price worth for around $ 23,000 so it is not too expensive in compare with the other hatchback series on the market. You should put Chevrolet Sonic on the list with the other variant and now you have all of the brands in your hands. That will guide you to choose the best used hatchback.


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