The Best Hatchback 2014 Good Gas Mileage

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The Best Hatchback 2014 Good Gas Mileage

Best hatchback 2014 can be your choice if you have the intention to buy new hatchback. Many people that preferred to buy hatchback because the design is captivating, it is different with sedan because even though both of those types only can accommodate 4 passengers, but hatchback is preferred because it is slightly larger than the sedan series. Besides, the design is captivating and looks stylish at the same time. You can roam with hatchback and get sporty look as well on the city street.

So, if you are looking for the new hatchback that become last year productions that still worth to buy, I have made list about best hatchback 2014 that is recommended for you. Check the list below so you can find the best hatchback that appropriate to your need as well.

Toyota Prius C

Prius c – Aqua in Japan
(Overseas model shown)

This is a kind of hatchback that will make you enjoy the sensation of sporty drive. The price of the 2014 Toyota Prius C is just around $ 19,000 so it will not drain your budget. Besides, Toyota Prius C will drive you to the top speed easily because this variant has powerful engine system. It is equipped with Hybrid engine that can provide better emission and powerful source.

2014 Honda Insight Hatchback

Basically, Honda Insight comes with two different types. It comes with hatchback and sedan series. The hatchback series sold for $ 21,000 and if you choose the used version then you can get cheaper price. Surprisingly, this is kind of hybrid hatchback as well. Honda offers 1.3-litre 4-cyl Hybrid engine that has good rating of gas mileage. Combined, you can reach for about 43 mpg with 2014 Honda Insight Hatchback.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2014

This is kind of hatchback that is popular on Asian marketplace. But slow but sure, it ranked on the hatchback list in US market since it was the best hatchback 2014 in Asia. You can choose Mitsubishi Mirage 2014 if you want to buy sporty hatchback. Mitsubishi provides several exterior color options that make the design looks incredible. This hatchback is suitable for those of you who have young spirit inside your body.

2014 Volkswagen Golf Diesel

If you want to experience with different engine on hatchback, then Volkswagen Golf Diesel can be one of the perfect choices. It is generated with 2.0L 4-cyl Turbo Diesel engine that is paired with 6-speed Automated Transmission that is popular for the city car. This hatchback has good gas mileage as well with 36 mpg combined. Meanwhile the price, it estimated $ 25,000 for the first generation of Volkswagen Golf Diesel.

2014 Lexus CT 200h

Lexus provide luxury hatchback for the automotive enthusiast that want to drive in style with hatchback. The presence of 2014 Lexus CT 200h makes you get plenty options of hatchback variant. The price worth for $ 32,000 and it will generate with Hybrid engine. I think you will get your freedom due to the presence of lots hatchback that awarded as one of the best hatchback 2014.

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