Testing Towing Capacity Class of Jeep Cherokee

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One of the reasons when you are choosing a new family car is its capability on towing heavy loads, such as travel trailers. As you can’t choose pickup, your choice should be on sport-utility SUV with tow-friendly capability. Among those various types of SUVs, Jeep Cherokee is coming out of the list.  Check out how Jeep Cherokee towing capacity will meet your needs.

Jeep Cherokee Towing Capacity Class

In towing capacity class, Jeep Cherokee offers excellent towing and hauling capabilities. Equipped with tow hooks in front and a back side, Cherokee can tow up the best weight class among SUVs.Completed with Trailer Sway Damping standard, Cherokee assures you to drive consistently with conditions while towing. From 3 models of engine class, you choose which one of their Jeep Cherokee towing capacity meets your towing needs.

  1. Sport-Basic Model

In the most basic model of Cherokee, it offers a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. It is enough to haul a motorcycle. In this model of car, Jeep Cherokee has Tigershark MultiAir 2 engine of 2.4-liter inline. With specs of 9-speed automatic transmission engine, the car will able to generate 184 horsepower and 171-pounds-feet of torque.

  2. Latitude-Advanced Model

Jeep Cherokee towing capacity in a latitude-advanced model, the hooks still have the same capability to haul 2,000 pounds of weights. However, the car itself has an advanced engine with 3.2-liters of V6-Pentastar engine. Powered with 9-speed automatic transmission, Latitude-Cherokee can generate 271 horsepower and torque at 239-pound feet.

  3. Limited-Advanced Model with Trailer Tow Group

The last, limited-advanced model of Jeep Cherokee has the similar engine with previous Latitude model. It is still powered by Pentastar V6 engine of 3.2 liters in-line with 9-speed automatic transmission. The engine is also able to generate 271 horsepower and 239 pounds-feet of torque. However, you can expect for greater capability on its towing hooks. Instead of hauling a motorcycle, this limited model can haul a small boat or travel trailer with its 4,500 pounds of towing capacity. Jeep Cherokee towing capacity will be equipped with Trailer Tow Group or Prep Group which you can see the details in the nearest dealer.

Testing Towing Capacity Class of Jeep Cherokee

Trailer Tow Group is an installation option offered by the factory to allow you are towing a trailer in a safe manner. The car will be installed with a hitch or wiring connection bypassing the lighting monitor module, transmission fluid cooler, and a lower final ratio. The Prep Group is another configuration that consists of the lower final gear ratio and transmission cooler. Usually, the Trailer Tow Group also comes in 3 configurations of group I, III, and IV. Group I consists of final gear, cooler, wiring, and a class I hitch. Group III includes all features, except using a class III hitch. Meanwhile, the group IV consist will all previously mention except a class IV receiver.

Although Jeep Cherokee may have disadvantages like only offering 5-seats for the passengers. However, Jeep Cherokee towing capacity gives a  feature for these sport-utility SUVs. So, which one of towing capabilities of Cherokee model above that meet your hauling needs?

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