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Are you looking for the new car? You can choose 2018 Alpine A110. The car will be on the market in early 2018. This car already makes its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The cost of this car is predicted will be sell start from £50,000. This car must be the best option for you who like the incredible and sporty car. Curious with this Alpine A110? Here is the further information about the new Alpine.

2018 Alpine A110 Interior

2018 Alpine A110

2018 Alpine A110 as the most anticipated car in 2018 has the incredible interior design and features. The concept of the new Alpine has the same concept with 2016 Alpine Vision. It has slippery shape featured by the aerodynamic trickery. It includes the functional diffuser and flat floor. Moreover, this new Alpine has the larger cabin which is built with the carbon-fiber trim, aluminum, and leather which are blend to make the passenger and driver have the comfortable seats. For the features that will be included in this car is also the best one. There will be the digital instrument panel, center console, and also the central infotainment screen. However, this is not the end features of the new Alpine since there will be more features inside along the official statement of its company.

Engine Performance

2018 Alpine A110

For the engine power, 2018 Alpine A110 will be built in the 1.8 liters turbocharged with 4 cylinder engine. This engine has the capability to produce 320Nm of torque and 249bhp. The power of this Alpine’s engine will be transferred to the rear wheels by the 7 speed with dual clutch gearbox. Offering driving pleasure, Alpine A110 will be built as the ultra-light car. The engineer of this car is same with Renault Sport. So, the design has not little bit different such as the turbocharger, engine tune, exhaust system, and also the specific air intake. With this features, the Alpine A110 can accelerate well from 0 to 62mph in time of 4.5 seconds.

2018 Alpine A110 has only 1080kg that has 41788mm as the long, 1798mm as the wide, and 1252mm as the high. The mass of the car is concentrated around the center includes the fuel tank which is placed behind the front of the axle. The engine will be in front of rear axle that will let you as the driver feels at one in the car.

Exterior Design

2018 Alpine A110

Are you interested in 2018 Alpine A110? You have also look at its attractive exterior design. The new Alpine has four independent full LED which is on the bonnet’s central spine and the running lights. Moreover, it gives more modern look since it has the X shaped LED light as the tail light. With this modern look and the minimalist interior, Alpine A110 truly will give more comfortable in driving position. Ready to buy this tremendous car? You can get the reservation through the Premiere Edition from Alpine mobile application. For the left-hand driver, it will be available in 5 days.

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