Safest Hatchback Cars with the Best Safety System

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Sometimes it is not about the speed, but it is about safety. Yep, the most important thing in driving is the safety. It doesn’t matter how fast you are on the lane because arriving at the destination in one piece is way more important than anything else. And if you are looking for the safest hatchback cars, we have a lot of lists about the recommended hatchback that comes with good safety rating. It is suitable for those of you who want to choose safety above everything. Now, let’s check the list of the best in class hatchback that comes with the best safety rating.

2015 Ford Focus Hatchback

The first hatch on the list is Ford Focus hatchback that released in 2015. The body of this car is made from the strengthen steel that will reduce the front crash accident. There are several safety equipments on the 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback, such as Head Restrain and Seats that will ensure the driver and the front passengers are alive. Plus, it has complete air bags that will protect the passengers from every side.

2016 Volkswagen Golf

If you want something good and something new, then the new VW Golf could be the best option for you. This car is rated as one of the safest hatchback cars in the US market because it has Good rating and is also awarded as Top Safety Pick+ that assert Volkswagen Golf 2016 has good safety system. Besides, the price of the new VW Golf is affordable because it is ranged from $ 19,000 and $ 25,000 for the base model to the top notch series.

2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback

Toyota Prius is not only bringing new engine but also bring better safety system for their hatchback. Thanks to the Crash Prevention Technology that is an active safety system that will help the driver to drive safely. This package has several active and passive safety system that will prevent the driver gets an accident or even just out of lane. It is amazing how Toyota Prius transforms from a mediocre car to the best hatchback with good safety rating.

2015 Mazda 3

Another hatchback from 2015 that is worth to buy is Mazda 3. It is not because this car has good looking body, but it is because the new Mazda 3 has good safety rating. Thanks to the prevention system which is actually a driving assistance assist that will protect your journey since the very first time. This hatchback is available in several trim levels and prices.

2016 Subaru XV Crosstrex

Last but not least, the new Subaru XV Crosstrex is considered as the safest hatchback in the market. It is because they put excellent safety system that will help driver to stay alive even though in the worst condition. The rood and body are very strong. Inside, it has complete air bags and small overlap front that will ensure the driver is okay. Subaru XV has complemented the list of the best safest hatchback cars.

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