Pros And Cons Honda Fit Review 2015

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Pros And Cons Honda Fit Review 2015

Honda Fit review 2015 will ensure you to choose the new variant of this car as your new ride. This is the new hatchback that will be suitable for the automotive enthusiast that want to drive in style with stylish yet sub-compact hatchback. It comes out with several options that will pamper you in driving and give exceptional sensation when you drive with small city car. This is suitable for those of you who are saturated about the sedan variant on marketplace, and for those who they want to drive conveniently with small hatchback. The size always matters for some people and also it becomes obstacle that hold people to buy this hatchback.

Although there are some pros and cons about the new Honda Fit, but it does not matter. Thanks for the honda fit review 2015 that will give you point of view about advantages and disadvantages that you can get if you buy this hatchback. And here are the pros and cons about Honda Fit 2015 that can be considerations before you decide to pay for this hatchback.

Honda Fit Review 2015 Pros

Even though Honda Fit 2015 is classified as the compact hatchback,  but the display will trick you since it has roomy interior. You would not think that you will sit comfortable as passenger or as the driver.

Honda Fit 2015 has unique and versatile design, thanks to the Bucket Front Seats and Reclining Rear Seats that will ensure both of the driver and passengers will sit comfortable on the inside. Honda chooses Black Cloth Premium Leather as the interior concept, and it managed to bring fresh impression on the inside.

Based on some honda fit review 2015, they said that this car is good in acceleration. And it is true. Honda uses 1.5-litre 4-cyl engine that is fuel economy, the small capacity will consume small amount of fuel. But it is enough to give you good acceleration due to the new transmission system. Honda brings Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that will give you different handling when you spur with this hatchback.

Plus, you will get extra cargo that will allow you to bring some stuff and equipments on your journey. That all the pros about Honda Fit 2015.

Honda Fit Review 2015 Cons

Turn out, some people said that they are disappointed because the sedan series is not available. It seems that some people prefer to buy sedan instead of hatchback. One reason that lead them disappointed is about the touchscreen interface will make you frustrated when you use it.

Honda misses to overcome this problem since they manage to fix the transmission system. On the previous series, the transmission is the main problem on this car and make people cringe when they change the transmission shift.

Overall Honda Fit Review 2015

Overall, you will not face big problems on this car. The cons are just about the desire of people that want to get new sedan instead of hatchback. And the touchscreen can be consideration when you want to buy this hatchback. That’s all about Honda Fit review 2015.

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