The All New 2018 Audi TTQ

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TT line-up is the one that Audi has been working so hard to try and stretch it to a whole new level. They also want to create a sub-brand from it that will help to boost the current sales without increasing the prices too high. The German based automaker has revealed some few TT models concept in recent years to reach their goal. And this model also includes the 2014 TT Offroad, 2014 TT Allroad, and 2014 TT Sportback. For one reason or another, the 2014 TT Allroad and 2014 TT Sportback are all clashed, but according to a well-researched article in automotive magazine saying that the TT Offroad has received a new name for the company which is TTQ. So, we have 2018 Audi TTQ now.

2018 Audi TTQ Changes

2018 Audi TTQ

If you are new in the auto game then you might wonder why this German automaker gives it the name TTQ instead of the conventional Q4. Well, Fiats is the owner of the Q4 trademark at the present and they have no plans in resigning it back to Audi anytime soon. Moreover, if Audi wants to use the Q4 name instead of the new TTQ, then it will connect the automobile’s small sports car. The following post review will highlight some of the best features you can expect from the new 2018 Audi TTQ, so keep reading!

If you still remember the concept of TT Offroad then you can imagine the new 2018 Audi TTQ is funky-looking. Well, according to some insiders, the swoopy crossover is actually the concept of the new model. Carryover details for this car will include a sporty hood, a low roofline along with increased ride height. When you are a lover of the TT model, you might find that the TT Offroad is a little lewd. This is triggered by the fact that the German automaker takes the sleek style of the icon such as the Tourist Trophy and then creates it with a screwed-up suspension and a set of big wheels on it. It might be a big disaster to some people that the automaker did on its part without considering traditional users of the car.

2018 Audi TTQ Specification

2018 Audi TTQ

It is already well-known among automotive lovers that the Germans automobile segment has a copycat behavior. Once the concept is tried out in one company and then the rest will follow suit. Since the company has already thrown out the X4 and composed to unleash the GLC Coupe, then it makes common sense that the new 2018 Audi TTQ would be next in line. We hope that the company will hold sober driving mechanics which will make up for the lack of cargo space.

As for the interior, the 2018 Audi TTQ will come with a cabin which will not be too far from the TT Offroad concept. It is undeniably way much elegant in design. However, the car will come with futuristic design which will beautify its interior as expected of any Audi car. The car will hit the market sometime in 2017.

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