What You Have To Know about the New 2018 Ferrari California T

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Now we are going to talk about one of the most famous or let us say one of the most popular and coolest car brands that have ever made in this universe. It is about 2018 Ferrari California T new stuff! Well, who does not know Ferrari? This cool car has been very famous in the world. We can see how Ferrari has been promoted, sponsoring, and even used in so many racing events or any kinds of sport events. Ferrari is originally a supercar and racing car producer coming from Italy. This company has really high performance. This is the most contributive company in racing car events such as Formula 1, the most famous racing car events in the world.

2018 Ferrari California T

Well, this car is really luxurious and cool on how the engineer put the color, design, style and the specs which will be explained later on here. They are amazing sport cars with amazing styles. That is why there are so many people want to have Ferrari for their own and most of the people who own Ferrari car is the rich person. By reading that, you have guessed how pricey the Ferrari car is, right? Guys, just like other car brands do every year to expand and improve their business, they would make something new and produce new amazing car, and as well as Ferrari. This year has been launched new style of Ferrari car which is the new 2017 Ferrari California T. That is the car which has been something in the air lately. To know more about this new launching product of Ferrari California, you need to keep reading below.

New Ferrari California T’s General Specification

2018 Ferrari California T

This is talked as the new beastly 2018 Ferrari California. This one is the softest range of Ferrari range, ever! This new car is designed for daily use and ease which has even cup holder on the top of this car. The colors are even amazing with maroon red and dark Turkish as the most famous ones. This is powered by a 552-hp with 3.9 liters V8 mated to a seven-speed dual –clutch auto. However, the rear is even better for luggage. This car is even cost more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. The 2-doors of this car are re-skinned to extend the vents’ trailing edges. The changes made in this new 2018 Ferrari California T is including the headlights units, subtly restyled lower fascia and grille, and new hood design that subs in a pair of heat extractors for the previous hood scoop. Another spec is that this is bolted in a new 3.9 liters twin turbocharged engine. Besides, it puts out 553 horsepower. This new style should hit 60 mph in about 3.50 seconds.

Standard features on the new 2018 Ferrari California T include USB connections, navigations, and other high-tech features like the display with Apple CarPlay, cup holders in the car, and new digital gauge systems. After all, Ferrari California is indeed worth to be put on the boy’s bedroom’s wall, though.

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